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5 Months Post Cycle - Low Libido and Energy


Sup guys,

My cycle ended on July 1st, and the bloods listed were taken on oct 8th, fast forward now two months later and I still don't feel great at all. Overall just serious lack of energy, libido basically non existent, trouble focusing, you name it. My cycle was an 8 week test E 600 mg/week, and PCT was nolva clomid protocol. While on cycle I used Liqudex and HCG.
It wasnt my first cycle, but this time around I'm by far feeling the least recovered.

My blood results are below, Im only mentioning what I think is important but I pretty much had everything tested, so if theres something you need to know, I probably have it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

testosterone -363
Estradiol 33
Prolactin 7
SHBG 45.9
LH 4.7 FSH 4.2
Free test 56.8
Test bioavail 145
Coritsol 11.2
T3 114
Free t4 1.4
TSH 1.38

Now here are a few other values which I noticed were out of reference range, the liver ones had me slightly alarmed, but they also werent close to being alarmingly high.
Globulin 2.3 (.1 low)
AST 42 (5 points high)
ALT 81 (40 points high)
Vit b12 1463 (400 over)
Folate 24 (8 points over)
Vitamin D 25-Hydroxy 15.1 (15 points low)


can you post how you ran your cycle and PCT?

i’m guessing this is something as simple as not managing estrogen into PCT, which crept up and suppressed you (estrogen is far more suppressive than testosterone, by the way).

low vitamin D can also lower testosterone production, but that’s an easy fix.

i’d suggest skimming through this: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_gear/thoughts_on_planning_pct