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5 Months on 5/3/1

A little about me: I’m 6’1 and my starting weight was 185 lbs. I was scouring the Internet for the best bang for my time. I mean I like working out, but I just can’t justify the 3 hour binges I see some people doing just to get big/strong. I started by increasing my calories from a bit over 2k to about 3.5-4k calories. Supplements included protein shakes, creatine and BCAAs. I am now 223lbs and I am pleased with the results. Looking forward to a full year.This program takes the guesswork out of the gym so that you can focus on what you have to do to reach your goals. Included are a before and after.

I’m glad to hear your enjoying the program and have seen strength gains. I’m curious to know where your lifts are. This is just my opinion, but I think 40 or so pounds in 5 months is overdoing it a bit. I’m not sure if you’re trying to stay lean, but you could probably reduce your caloric surplus a bit and still see progress/be leaner.

Good luck!

Sorry the after pic didn’t seem to show. I am just trying to get big, I’m putting lean on the back burner for now. My lifts now are Bench 280 lbs, Squat 305, Deadlift 350, and OHP 165.

I’ve got a bit more fat than you, but our lifts are close to the same. I’ve been on the program for about a month. I love it. My goal right now is just the add strength and burning fat through conditioning. Keeping an eye on you man, you’re looking burly and it’s pretty impressive for 5 months. Nice job.