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5 Months Into My First Cycle, Have a Couple Questions


I just have some basic questions for seasoned, knowledgeable vets.

5 months into my first cycle
Running Test P only
About 300mg a week EoD pin

I’ve made phenomenal gains off of this test only cycle. I ran Tren with it for about a month but discontinued due to the sweats, irritability, etc.

I’ve been using it to bulk and it’s worked great, but should I add something else in for the cut? Or can just a test cycle work just as well during a cut?

Also when is the ideal time to do a PCT?


Eight weeks ago, lol.


Seems like trolling… 1050mg test/week for half a year??? :slight_smile:


Not sure if you are serious or not, you have been running test - p for 5 months? the fuk