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5 Months Into a Body Transformation


Good day fellow T members,

The name is Adam,
I'm showing the results of my training and diet and routine since 1-20-09. I started on the Velocity Diet (Thanks Chris!) Early January. I have continued to follow Chad Waterbury's Training regiment that goes along with the diet at the same time. (Thanks Chad!)

I have continued to follow Waterbury's training program for the last 5 months..My diet is very clean, it consists of Metabolic Drive for 4 meals per day, I have lots of eggs, red meats, and vegis..not too big on fruits but I get them in when possible. I tried the Anabolic Diet and I did not have what it takes to stick with it...it wasn't that I disliked the food options, it was that I couldn't keep track of it and follow it the way I needed to. So I changed to a High protein moderate fat diet with about 30-40 grams carbs daily (Not including the vegis/fruits.)

I lost 40-50 lbs in the past 4 1/2 months and put on some significant lean mass. I'm not here to ask if I could be in a show or anything of the sort, mainly to show the results I earned from following the program.

I don't max my lifts so Im not posting numbers on max lifts...but I will post some weight that I push in the program I'm following. I did max for 3 reps on bench last week but I have no idea how to get the vid off my blak berry and onto the PC to show it...so your not getting the numbers until I can post the video.

Front Squat- 4x6 225lbs, full ROM
Close grip bench- 4x6 275lbs full extension, pause at bottom 2" off chest.
Push Press- 4x6 175lbs
Chin up- 4x6 no assist all boy weight.
Romanian dead lift- 4x10 245 no wraps...I just got Lynx performance grips so should help with the grip failure I keep having.
Straight bar curl- 4x10 95lbs
Bent over barbell row underhand grip- 4x5 265lbs
Dips- 4x5 90lbs on weighted dip belt. Full ROM.
I also do a ton of static plank exercises in a unstable environment, using a TSX suspension trainer.

All the lifts that I posted ARE NOT done for max....many of these are done back to back with little rest between sets, 30-45sec rest time.
I think that I have posted everything needed to make this a successful post. If you need any more stats/pics/ info let me know and I will get them on here asap.
I will post some max video lifts this week. Going to hit it hard tomorrow after a good 2 days of rest.

Shoe size is 13...pics to come haha
weight- 240lbs
Height- 6'1"
Years training- Seriously dedicated with a goal in mind...6 months.
I have lifted off and on for 12 or so years, just never had a specific goal in mind, I mainly did it for a light hobby, I have been cranking it for real though since Jan 20th 2009
Race- Caucasian
All measurements are taken cold, 1st thing in the morning unflexed.
Calf- 17"
Thigh (mid way between knee and hip) 25"
Handles of Love- 38"
Upper Ab- 38 1/4"
Chest circumference (At nipple line) 43"
Arm (extended unflexed at largest point.) 16"

There, I hope I got it all covered...Here come the pix boys and girls


The before pic is on 1-22-09, the “mid-transition” pic is from 5-15-09


The before pic is on 1-22-09, the “mid-transition” pic is from 5-15-09
Sorry about the poor lat spread, still working on perfecting it haha.


Wheel shot was taken 5-17-09 (1 hour ago.)


And Dbl Bi. Taken 5-17-09 (1 hour ago.)


Thanks to all that stop by, and I welcome your knowledge and constructive criticism.


Looking pretty good man, nice progress. No before wheels pics?


This is more of a close up from the front…The side by side wont post its original size.


[quote]Rape Weight wrote:
Looking pretty good man, nice progress. No before wheels pics?[/quote]

Sorry bro, I didn’t even think about it when I started…And to be honest I had never taken a pic of them until today, I took the pic after I read the requirements for posting in the RMP forums.

I might be able to dig up a random photo of it from before.


This is more of a close up from the front…The side by side wont post its original size.


Man if you can keep that arm mass while cutting even further that front dub is gonna be money!


Thanks bro! I have only seen a decrease of about 1/4" since I started on my arm circumference. And now that Im doing my chin-ups with no assist for sets of 6, I feel that I may stop any more loss.


Props dude. Five months of hard work and dedication have made you look like a completely different person. You do the nation proud.


[quote]mog16 wrote:
Props dude. Five months of hard work and dedication have made you look like a completely different person. You do the nation proud.[/quote]

Thank you so much! That’s a great complement. Cant wait to post my stuff on Jan 20th 2010, I’m incorporating HIIT cardio 3 days a week into my program, I do the actual HIIT on a water rower for 4-5 sets then to a separate machine that is all pushing motion for another set of 4-5


that is one of the best transformations i’ve seen in 5 months time. you look great and i can’t wait to see you in another 5 months.


Impressive ! I’m spechless. Can I ask how you did it in only 5 months. ? I think that I’ve been semi deticated for about 7 months now and my resulst are nothing compared to yours!?

What’s the secret? - no food? Good food - wich if that’s the case? How much cardio? How much working out in the gym?

Have your five months been a completely nightmare ? I mean go to bed at 22.00 everyday, no beer in the weekends, no random meals if your friends and you are having a good time?

I’m just curios because I try to enjoy life, while loosing weight. I works, but it works slowly.


Good fuckin progress. Keep it up.


[quote]larsen123 wrote:

I’m just curios because I try to enjoy life, while loosing weight. I works, but it works slowly.[/quote]

You clearly can’t enjoy life while LOOSING weight can you? I’m guessing that if he’s making faster progress than you, it is simply because he’s being more dedicated and consistent.


I just wanted to know how dedicated he was during the 5 months. Because I’m not ready to give up many things in my life. I still want to party, go to resturants and I don’t want be a slave of what I eat. That’s more important to me than getting thin fast. I was just curious, maybe he also ate what he wanted once in a while during the 5 months…


I eat clean Monday- Saturday, I have Eggs with turkey bacon on a whole wheat english muffin and a dbl espresso iced coffee to start my day, after that every 2-2.5 hrs I drink 2 scoops of Metabolic Drive low carb with 16oz of water for the remainder of the day, at night when I get home I have either steak and vegi…eggs and vegi…something with protein fat and vegis…If I need something sweet I will have a shake mixed with 2% milk and Natural PB.

I live with 3 other guys, all of us are bachelors we are in the middle of starting a very exclusive networking group, so we are out at clubs Thurs-Fri-Sat. Trying to network and meet people, when I’m out I drink Vodka and water with a twist of lime in it. The big thing for me is to just not get shit faced and end up at Taco Bell at 4am.

For myself it would be impossible to not have fun…You can still have a great and get results, just be smart about how you do it. One thing that really helped me after the Velocity Diet was learning about Carb sensitivity while trying to do the Anabolic Diet…

I noticed immediately on my “re-carb” days that I ballooned up and got really smooth…so I cut the re-carb to 24hrs instead of 48hrs…and I still noticed that I was holding weight, so I cut the re-carb to 12hrs…still no change that week either, then I cut it to 3 meals on Sunday that had moderate complex carbs…and POP!

It started to roll off me again, so now I know that I need to keep my re-carbs very minimal, try experimenting with your body and READ everything you can about what your trying to achieve. Just have fun bro, train your ass off, and make sure you’re following a good lifting program for what your trying to achieve.

You don’t have to be a miserable cuss sitting in the basement having nightmares about pizza and obesity, Its pretty simple, log EVERYTHING That you eat and lift, take weekly measurements starting at your ankle,calf,thigh,love handle (lower ab), upper ab (below chest), chest (nipple line) and neck, do that along with weight and body fat% if you can every week…

I do it on Sunday since its an off day before I drink or eat anything, right after I use the rest room. This assures me that its going to be accurate weekly. It also gives me a weekly short term goal to shoot for, whether its to lose an extra pound or whatever it is do it every week on the same day.

It will keep you accountable, I have every day recorded for the last 5 months including my lifts my cardio and my avg/max heart rate for the duration of each session.

As far as cardio goes I hit it 3 days a week… Tues, Thurs, Sat. I do a Sprint 8 program that is similar to HIIT cardio. But I do it on nontraditional cardio equipment, on a rower and a seated elliptical…the Sessions are 25min in length so Im not in there all day, and its a 30sec sprint at max resistance at full intensity with a 1.5 min cool down, rinse and repeat for 8 sets with a 3 min warm up and cool down, the session doesn’t take very long to complete and it smokes your body. Read more about it here :

I’m sure there are other cardio sprint programs out there that help just as much, but I have met Dr. Phil Campbell 1st hand, and I have seen the results it gives me…I believe in it.
Give yourself a day to have that one thing that you have craved all week and that will help, just don’t be an idiot and eat a 5 gal drum of Basken Robbins cookie dough ice cream…

The Velocity Diet is AMAZING! It changed every single craving I had and it helped me so much with portion control.
Here is a link to my thread on the Velocity Diet forums from when I started until the end of my transition phase. http://tnation.tmuscle.com/...this_sissy_diet

I hope that this helps! In no way am I saying that you need to do what I did to get the said results, I’m simply explaining what I did to get the results that I have achieved…shit I’m not even close to achieving my long term goal, but that’s not my daily motivation, I keep that off in the distance or its too easy for me to loose track of the more attainable short term goal of trying to see some type of result weekly.
If you have any more questions hit me up!
Peace and Piece