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5 Month Transformation, Next Steps

Here is my transformation from March 20 - August 29.

Over this time frame I did Shortcut to Shred, 5.3.1 BBB, and now I am 2/3 done with 8.6.3 BBB.

Right now I work about 50hrs a week and go to class on top of that, so unfortunately my cardio has been lacking. But my typical regime is 430am wake up for the gym open at 530am and when I can fit in the 2aday I will do 20min of HIIT on the elliptical or 35min with a level 6 incline on the treadmill.

The goal right now is to get to 10%bf (5 weeks before the photo on the right, I came in at 168lbs, 18%bf).

A few things I think contributed to my transformation: Eating a very good diet - hitting over 200g of protein on workout days and close to 300g of carbs, waking up early, and targeting my core any chance I get. I’ll do the ab wheel during rest periods of my assistance work or another weighted exercise that targets the core. Another key factor I believe is training density. I need to get everything done in 45 minutes, so laser focus and no time wasted mentality is crucial.


The physique progress is great and all, but this was the most impressive part to me. That’s just nuts, especially with the work and school combo. Awesome work.

I’m wondering if you’re actually overdoing the ab training with the “targeting my core any chance I get”-stuff. It’s a little weird that you have no actual ab definition, unless it’s just a funky picture.

Any specific idea about what you’ll do to drop more fat?

5 months? Realy realy impressive man, very hard work, great job!

Hard to say if it’s the lighting in the photo. I have noticed a slight decrease in bf% since that photo was taken, but I am open to suggestions on a new way to implement ab training, because not much definition has been gained when taking a photo at that same spot.

In terms of a specific plan, simple things like regulating sodium intake for more consistency and drinking 1.5+ gallons of that high quality H2O.

I also eat on instinct, as it pairs well with my busy schedule, but was thinking of carb cycling, highest intake would be during week 3 of the 8.6.3 program, where the 3 rep TM is tested, and lowest intake would be during week 4, the deload week. Regardless of week, post workout nutrition would remain consistent, where I get about 75-100g’s of carbs.


Thank you!

Looks as if you have done great.

In terms of ab work, weighted stuff is great and I would really recommend it, however if your not so great at really contracting and using your abs it can go from great to less than useless.

Obviously I don’t know what level your recruiting your abs, but spending a month hammering the basic weight free exercises like crunches and leg raises (do them right to target abs) will really help get the right contraction.

And practise contracting and displaying your 6 pack as often as possible, get to know that feeling and replicate it during ab work and any other exercise that requires you be stood like military press.

@EyeDentist has spoke about hypertrophy for abs before. Would be worth reading through his log.

good work so far.

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Wow good stuff man! Inspiring