5 Month Gym Progress, 160 to 185

my current goal is to reach 200 pounds by the end of the year, or get as close to it as I can. My overall goal is to reach 220-230 pounds and maximize my muscle potential. I am 6’1


Good job. Just keep plugging away; 200 lb by the end of the year is within your grasp.

It is a noble thing we do, to state a goal and hold fast until its completion. It is nobler still to continue once the goal is reached. To be happy but never satisfied. To not allow the completion of a goal to be the end of the endeavor. You have shown that within you is contained the stuff of legends. Become legendary.


That’s downright impressive


Thank you guys! That’s really motivating to hear :muscle:

190/86kg back update

I am still making progress, but I have stepped away from the mindset of trying to reach a certain weight at least by the end of this year. My progress has slowed down I think, I’m around 195 atm with 5-6lb of that being from creatine.

I was not able to train very much for the last 2-3 weeks because I was waiting on my power rack and equipment I bought to arrive home since I could no longer go to the gym. So maybe that mentality of slowing down is just from the last few weeks. But the reason I mentioned it is because I’m not trying to stuff my face anymore and just eating when my body asks me to feed. I’m training hard now at home and getting hungry again, so who knows. I just don’t want to stuff my face unwarranted and gain another 5lb of fat just to meet my goal, so I’m going to keep training hard and just eat well. I’ve already made a good weight gain so far, no need to force it further I think. I’m around 19-20% bf.

Leg progress:

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