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5 Month Glute/Hamstring Injury


Guys please help me out

I workout 3 times a week. My first workout routine was Stronglifts 5x5, then I switched to Madcows 5x5 after 3 months. I did Madcow for a while and I somehow injured myself one day.(probably because of lack of warm ups) I thought I could train with the injury but it keeps getting worse. So I tried resting for a month, but whenever I start doing Squats or Deadlifts again, the pain keeps coming back.

-Have this injury for 5 months
-The pain is in one side of my leg
-Can’t pinpoint where the pain is exactly at
-I feel that it’s below my glutes and above my hamstring
-It hurts when I try to reach my toes halfway through the movement
-I can take a month break and feel no pain at all, but when I start squatting/deadlifting light weight, the pain would come back
-Tried stretching, using a lax ball and resting
-Probably has something to do with my nerve?

I will really appreciate if you guys could help me out. I am only 14 years old and I hope to take part in powerlifting competitions when I get older.


Sounds like some SI joint/ sciatica issue. I’ve had something similar for 5-6 years on and off now. You should probably see a physical therapist as they may be able to pin point exactly what is or and you can also google exercises that some people find help relieve the pain.