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5 lbs Over Limit, Evening Weigh-in. Advice?


Hey. I’m competing in my second meet in two weeks time. I compete in bench only due to a disability. I don’t lift massively heavy, but I do okay, and I’m hoping for a pr in this meet.

I was just looking for some advice on my weight. I have an evening time weigh in for this meet. I usually weigh only 0.5 - 1 kg over the 67.5kg limit in the morning. Presumably I’d be a little more over the limit in the evenings, when the weigh in will be on. Would there be a simple way of getting under this limit without cutting calories or going on a full water cut? Both of them seem like overkill. Is there a sort of mini water cut or something that I could try?

Thanks for any help or advice!


Will it be a 24h weigh-in or will you be competing the next morning? There are a variety of ways to drop even a significant amount of weight by getting rid of excess water or glycogen. I dropped 15lbs in a week’s time by water removal with water and salt and glycogen depletion for a 24h weigh-in.

Basically you drink a shitton of water and ingest around 5g of salt for two days, cut the amount of water and salt by 50% for two more days while also cutting carbs down to around 100g and finally no salt, 50g of carbs and a lot less water.

In your case however, I’d probably just eat less carbs and go to sauna a lot more. It has less impact on your performance if it’s not a 24h weigh-in.


I try to drop the weight as close to weigh in as possible. But you are already pretty light. If your short under 5 6 I could see you dropping that water weight in a day and not Loosing much strength


Weigh in the evening of day 1, lift the morning of day 2? Just clarify that because it matters. Here are a few suggestions:

If you take creatine, stop taking it about 7-10 days before the weigh in then re-load it as soon as you weigh in (this takes off about 4 lbs for me).

Or: just do the water cut. 5 lbs is no big thing. Just drink a lot of water the week before the meet (2-3 gallons per day) then the day of the weigh-in dont drink or eat anything until youve made weight. Sweat the last few lbs off if you have to that afternoon. Then rehydrate properly.


Thanks everyone! Yes, it’s weigh in the previous evening, lift the next day. The flight times haven’t been put up yet, but I’m probably going to be lifting early enough as I’m in a light weight category.

When someone does a water cut, can they eat the day of the weigh in? I’ll have a long day before the weigh in. I’ll be in work in the morning, then I’ll be driving a long distance to where the event is being held.


If you are at weight you can eat something light. But generally no, you would fast until the weigh in. Its uncomfortable but not horrible.


Google Matt kroc bath cut

Also get some Plazma or karbolyn type product for refuelling