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5 lb protein

What’s everyone’s opinion on those 5lb containers of whey protein that you can buy (anyone use them ???) mainly for $$$$ reasons

Read the “Protein Insider” article at T-mag.

for $$$$ reasons the 5 lb.er’s are fine. Just buy from a reputable company.

As a poor college student who has the choice between buying supplements or the required textbook, I like to get the most supplement for my buck. I buy either American Whey from ASN or Supreme Whey from Millenium, and they both have worked fine for me and a lot of other guys I know who also take it. You’re going to want to get the sugars post workout via other sources (e.g. fruit, non-fat milk) etc.

optimums 5lb bucket is a good value imo

Buy chunk light tuna (water canned) in bulk. That stuff is twice as cheap as WORSE quality whey protein, I calculated (depends on your sources of course).

For my 5 lb tub of protein (PVL Whey gold) 30g scoop has 27g protein, 0.6g fat, 1.5g carbohydrates. Very high quality stuff. The problem is, it cost me $74! So we have:

2270g/30g = 76 servings

76 * 27g = 2052g protein

So the price is, per kg protein, $36!

Now, we look at tuna, it has, per can, 28g protein, 0.6g fat, 0g carbohydrate!

Average bulk tuna will cost you $0.52 per can. So let’s grind this now.

1000g / 28g = 36 cans.

36 * $0.52 = $18.72!

So we see that tuna is almost twice as cheap than… worse quality protein. I hope you like tuna :0)

I bought some of Labrada’s Pro-Plete whey protein 5lb jug, and that stuff tastes like crap when mixed in water. My friend uses it with milk and said it tastes okay, but I’ll stick to something better.

How can something be twice as cheap? That’s like saying someone is twice as small as another person.

Something can be half as expensive, just like someone can be half as tall.

Just ribbing ya, I just see this way of talking quite a bit. Whenever I try to “think out” what the person is saying, I get confused :slight_smile:

what kind of whey protein? whey concentrate? whey isolate? ion exchange whey? What brand? sheesh i see 5 pounders every fucking day, how about some pointers here? Thanx!

Ideally you want a blend of casein and whey, not just whey. If you don’t know why, then read the protien articles at T-mag. ‘Battle of the Proteins’ by Cy comes to mind as well as the “Protein Roundtable”.

Very immpressive bro, i think i’ll go by some more tuna. This tuna im eating now(bumblebee chunk white) has got about 37g of protien per can. Which further stresses your point that tuna is the most bang for your buck.

Anyone know of a cheaper protein powder that mixes well with Grow!? Obviously those 5 lbers are, overall, less expensive and someone who will be drinking three MRPs or so per day, it can get expensive. While at home, I can mix cottage cheese or something in there, but at work I’d prefer to have a quick, mess-less version. Any thoughts?