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I jsut read the article on 5-HTP. This sounds like the missing link in my training. I can control the carbs, but my mood sucks all the time and it always screws up my workout. Anyway, I did a search on the web to find where to buy it and all of the places I have found only sell it in 50 mg tabs. I know I can cut it in half to get 25mg, but that is a pain. Has anyone found a place that sells it in 25mg? Also this the price range is kind of strang. I found a couple of companies that sell 60 pills, all are 50mg, but one place sells for 25 , another or 16 , and another for 11 $. Is all 5-HTP created equal?

I had the same problem. So after a month of searching I broke down and got 50 mg tabs and split the 4 ways.