I just read Brock’s article on 5-HTP. This has been something I have always thought about trying but just never got around to it. Anyone have any success with it? I don’t have a problem w. appetite/cravings during my low-carb days or with general diets I can follow them to the letter for weeks on end, but the carb-up is a totally different story. With me there’s something going on besides lack of self-discipline. It never fails-about 12 hrs. into a carb-up it’s like a chemical reaction in my body triggers and I unconsciously just start eating everything in sight until I virtually pass out in an hyperglycemic coma. It is not uncommon for me to go through literally 3000 to 4000 calories within a one hr. period. After I wake up I feel like I have been asleep for about 10 years. Could this be of benefit? If I could consistently master the carb-up I could shave off about 3-4 weeks off my diet phases.

I’ve tried 5-HTP from NOW, using 50mg before meals. Not sure if it’s because NOW products are garbage or what, but it didn’t really do much for me.

I know what you are experiencing with the carb-up thing. I bet we would have fun trading lists of sugary goodies we’ve both destroyed on Friday night or Saturday. I usually find myself at Starbucks washing down some kind of oreo-cheescake brownie with a caramel frappuccino. That’s usually only the beginning. And no matter what, you’re mind loses all control…no matter how strong you were mentally on Thursday, it just all goes out the window. I don’t think the 5-HTP stands a chance against whatever is going on. All I can say is that you have to somehow make it impossible to access that type of food…maybe one good idea would be to lock yourself in a room for a while. Hey, while you’re at it, you might as well call a stripper over or something so at least it would be enjoyable.

Chicago, IL

I forgot to add the one piece of information that might actually be helpful. Try taking a double-dose of MD6 about an hour before your normal trip to candyland begins. The appetite suppression from MD6 seems to fade after being on the stuff for a while (for me anyway), but once I accidentally took 4 MD6’s instead of 2 (ever since then I always repeat to myself: blue is for Tribex, red if for MD6). Bam–appetite was absolutely gone. Plus, knowing that taking MD6 with lots of carbs isn’t the greatest way to do it might also help to deter you from shoveling carmello bars down your throat. Just don’t schedule any sleep or relaxation for about 6 hours.

You mean they have Oreo cheesecake brownies? Oh lord! Those are literally my three fave junk foods and they have it all in one???
Yeah, I’ve had some monster carb-up days…I think my one-day total record is pretty close to 8,000 cals. I think there is something in certain foods that trigger my binges. I know there’s something in the Choc. Graham Cracker MetRx bars that sets it off. My first 12 hrs. of carbing are generally no problem, then BOOM! It just comes out of nowhere. I usually don’t eat total garbage when this happens, it’s usually Corn Flakes, Apple Cinnamon low-fat granola, pasta, nat. peanut butter/low sugar preserve sandwiches/whole wheat, any bars that might be around (MetRx Choc GC, 151 Choc PB, Ironman, etc.) I have done approximately 20 carb-ups and literally four at best have been controlled ones. I’m certain it’s something w. serotonin balance. I will say one thing, though: I love the deep sleep one goes into after a post-carb binge. I wish I would sleep that good all the time. I just used EC for the first time during a carb-up. I’ve never done it previously because I was told it would interfere w. glycogen storage or something like that. I used Adipokinetix since the norephedrine is supposed to be a better anorectic and the place where I usually get MD6 had it on back order. I can’t say it did a lot for me but it’s wonderful on the low-carb days. I’m trying to taper off as I’ve been on it for a while so I’m hesitant to mess w. higher doses but I’m done w. the diet thing for at least 8 weeks-time to build some damn MASS!

Teddy, I have the same problem - No HCA, 5-HTP, or the like slows me down. I can EASILY put away those 8,000 calories you’ve recorded. The only thing to have ever worked for me is to drink a SHITLOAD of water as I carb. I’m talking about 4 glasses every hour or two. This has actually kept the damage to a minimum as I eat till I’m full and really feel it! The additional water is also really helpful in that it helps to store the carbs as muscle glycogen since you need x ounces/ml of water for every gram of carbohydrate stored. Hope this helps. Anything that keeps me from eating a box of cereal in the first 1/2 hour of carb-up is a step in the right direction :slight_smile:

Now I might have to try that. I always try to drink plenty of water but it usually amounts to 1 gallon a day at best. I’m also going to up my fiber intake via psyllium/guar. Thanks for the advice!

Matt,one time I accidentally took four MD-6’s and its not something I would recommend. I took two first thing in the morning and about five minutes later I wasn’t sure whether I had taken them yet, so I took two more. Later that morning I was on the phone with an angry customer who started getting really hostile. Of course I had to bite my lip,but when I hung up the phone I couldn’t control myself. I felt like I used to in middle school when I would see a fight-all geeked up. I guess the old fight or flight thing kicked in,but I was a fucking wreck. I was having trouble keeping the whole deal in perspective and my breathing was all wrong and I was jittery as a mofo. I realized then that I’d taken too many “reds” and convinced myself to just ride it out like some bad acid trip or something…but that’s another story.