i’ve got a question about this supplement. i’ve heard a lot of bodybuilders take 5-HTP, and i know it was in one of Biotest’s products (MD6 perhaps?)

does anyone have any experience with this product? i’ve read it can help with anxiety, panic disorder, sleep disorder, and weightloss. is this stuff safe and effective? does it need to be cycled?

I’ve tried it before on several occasions. Effects that I noticed were slightly elevated mood and a little less trouble falling asleep, although I can’t actually recomend it as I remember the effects being small and I would just assume spend the money on some Power Drive or if I’m after sleep then some Melotonin. Mabye in conjunction with something else like ZMA, etc…

I take 600mg/day for appetite supression; works beautifully. I haven’t noticed any mood changes, but at a cutting calorie level, you aren’t feeling very ‘whoopee!’ anyway.

I tried it and didn’t notice anything.I also remember it being expensive as hell and a waste of money.

It’s very effective for a restful sleep which, as everyone knows, improves recovery. However, most people take it wrong, swallowing a few capsules before bedtime expecting it to knock 'em out immediately. Sometimes this, many times it doesn’t. Instead, I take small dosages throughout the day (sometimes w/ GABA). This increases melatonin reserves and so when bedtime comes, you sleep immediately.

It works but you will notice greater effects if you tend to be a person who produces less than optimal levels of serotonin. If you are a well balanced person anyway it won’t do much but help you with appetite supression, mainly carb bingeing.