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A friend of mine has been feeling a little sad lately and I recommended she try 5htp. I’v been doing plenty of research but I’m still confused about what dose she should take. I was thinking that 50mg 3X day would be ideal. Oh, she also only weighs 115lbs tops. Would this have an impact on dosage recommendation. Also, should she buy the 5htp with b6 or without b6. I’ve heard conflicting reports.Thanx for the help.

When I am feeling down (seasonal or whatever) I take 50 mg in the evening and another 50 mg at bedtime. Taking it throughout the day can make you really sleepy. I have found that the only 5HTP supps that work well for me are the entericly coated ones. Also the are a couple on the market that contain st johns wort and while this substance has not been shown to alleviate depression on its own it is a mild MAO inhibbitor that can increase the mood enhancing properties of 5 HTP. Hope this is helpfull.

B6 is necessary for the conversion of 5-HTP to serotonin. I have found Natrol (no B6) to be much less affective than BodyGold (10mg B6). Vitamin C and magnesium can also increase affectiveness. B3 helps prevent breakdown. 50mg 3x daily would be a good starting point, but she may need to discontinue use if the effect on her appetite is too great. Also, she should not take it with or near a meal because protein will compete for transport.