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Hey everyone,

A friend of mine as recently been convinced into a few different supplements, one being an NO2 supp Black Powder and another para/post workout drink called War from the same company.

The fella has now been told about this ‘new’ and ‘un-released’ supp that is centred around 5-HTP as it ‘promotes muscle growth,’ yet all I thought it did was promote serotonin release?

Has anyone seen or read any articles that would agree or refute this? Any info on the benefits/lack of 5-HTP supp for muscle growth?

Thanks peoples

i heard of it being used for sleep…i tried it and felt like crap when i got up…never used it again.

Well, sleep is when the building process occurs, so it isn’t false. But if a sleep enhancer can be called a muscle builder, I’ve got a hammer for sale. Builds muscle like CRAZY.