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5-htp with your meal

Most of my meals do consist of some carbs. Was wondering if I took 5-htp with my meal if it would stop those sugar binges I get after the meal. Like after dinner “chicken, potatoe, and broccoli” I usually crave cookies or ice cream after that meal, these are the foods I want to avoid not the potatoe or broccolli

Taking it with your meal might work, but most of the research done on 5-HTP has involved taking it on an empty stomach. You will get more consistent results from taking 5-HTP 30 to 60 minutes before you eat–and yes, it should definitely help with the kinds of cravings you describe. Another thing that might help would be to eat a protein food first, and then wait 30 or so minutes before eating the kinds of “surplus carbs” you describe. The reason is that the glucagon release will give you feelings of satiety. Also, the bolus of protein in your stomach will slow down the glycemic reaction from whatever else you consume. Taking in dietary fiber, such as 2-5 grams of psyllium, pectin, or guar gum, can also reduce carb cravings.

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