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5-HTP to Control Hunger?

Does anyone use this supplement to control cravings?

Is it effective? Someone has suggested this supplement to me so I would like any insight on this stuff please.

From my somewhat novice understanding, 5-HTP is used to improve seratonin uptake, and therefore helps with carb cravings. Since seratonin has mood implications, many people (myself included) have used it as an aid against mild depression.

Hope that helps…even a little?

Thanks for the input. I was skeptic and thought it could be another marketing scam. A guy at my local nutrition store suggested me to try this supplement to control my sugar cravings.

I will give it a try.

I used it last year for about 3 months to control hunger during a diet phase. I didnt really notice much of anything. Not to say you wont benefit from it.

grimskunk, the guy at the nutrition store is right that 5-HTP has been used to help with carb-type cravings. If you have defects in serotonin metabolism (depression/mood, trouble sleeping and a craving for sweets, chocolate and things that spike insulin (and thus increase serotonin)), then it’s definitely worth a shot.

I’ve seen it used as high as 300mg x 3, but it’s probably better to start off lower than that, say 100mg x 3, increasing the dose every 4 days if you’re not seeing any benefit.

I would not say that 5-HTP helps with HUNGER. There’s a difference between hunger and cravings. 5-HTP helps with the carb/sweet/pastry/bakery type of cravings.

I find that cravings can be caused by carb choices, too, or insufficient calories. Can you tell me a little more of what’s going on and where things are breaking down for you?