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5-HTP Good Sh#T.

About fricken time I found something to curb my late night hunger. This shit works-----for me that is. I’ve lost 5lbs already in one week simply by not shoving my normal 300-500 “extra” calories right before I go to bed. Ok so I’m carring less water, but at least one or two of it is fat. This for me is the altimate MD-6 replacement. No restlessnes and no anxiousness. The only reason I took MD-6 was for the appetite suppressant effects. If can control my eating, I can burn the fat myself. My biggest challenge was late night binging. Thanx to everyone here who recommended it. Good Sh#t.

Out of curiosity, how has your sex life been since you’ve been on it? I’ve read some stuff before about people using it to increase ejaculatory control.

What dosage and time before bed do you take it?

Well, you can’t really call it an “MD6 replacement” because it was one of the ingredients in MD6.

Davo- I said I took MD-6 for the appetite suppressant effects- not the fat buring effects. Yes I am aware that 5-htp was in MD-6–that’s how I came across it in the first place. I don’t need the L-Tyrosine,Yohimbe HCI,Ephedra sinica Extra,
Alpha Lipoic Acid,and Caffeine to help me lose weight. I can bust my ass on my own and do it myself when it comes to buring fat, in a sense it is a MD-6 replacement for ME and it doesn’t have the side effects that MD-6 has. Not that the side effects are major-just no more jittering. Here’s the big part–if I took MD-6 past 5:00pm, it fucked over my sleep. Truthfully, I don’t need anything to curb my appetite during the day. It’s when night time rolls around that it becomes a bitch. So 5-HTP works out perfect for me.

Jason Braswell - haven’t noticed any different in my drive or performance—so far…As for shooting, I can float the mattress down the hallway…wait just kidding. Haven’t noticed any change in that area either-though I haven’t been paying attention—we’ll see tonight.

r100proof–I take 100-300mgs two hours after my last meal which is usually around 6:30ish-7ish. So sometime between 8 and 9 I’ll pop em. I feel they kick in pretty quick. My binge hunger usually struck at around 10:00pm or after.

Yohimbe HCI

Ephedra sinica Extra

Jason, I have no personal experience with that, but science says it should work well. It increases seratonin which will effect that. Every serious roller I’ve talked to said it is impossible to bust a nut when on X.