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5-HTP for Narcotic Recovery

So I read the 5-HTP articles and they talked about drugs / narcotics also being appetite suppresents the same way 5-Htp is. Well I have been helping one of my friends through recovery for Extacy, GHB, and some other shit. Anyway, is it possible that 5-HTP would work help satisify sertonen levels for someone that more than likely has downgraded his natural output because of drug use. In otherwards this person probably still has the urge to take drugs, so would 5-HTP help suppress this persons cravings simmilar to how it works with carbs??

Almost two years ago, I went through an outpatient rehab program for X, ghb, and other shit. A doctor put many of us on SSRI medication. I was put on zoloft. Prior to the zoloft, I tried the 5-htp. The problem is, nothing on this planet can cuase the release of as much seratonin as ecstasy. I think the zoloft helped a little, but mostly it takes guts…and possibly a good workout program.

Ecstasy and GHB mediate dopamine levels, not serotonin. Serotonin leads to feelings of calmness, satiety, even sleepyness. If those sound like what you need to deal with addiction, then by all means, give it a try–but 5HTP has a fairly subtle effect, even in high dosages.

I’m no expert, but I know that there are drugs that act as dopamine antagonists that are typically used to deal with cocaine addiction (as with the above-mentioned drugs, cocaine is a dopamine agonist). By all means, have your friend see a good doctor. If you just need a short “drying out” period, staying on one of the benzodiazepenes (such as Valium or Librium, or something stronger) for a few days would probably work. The benzos are addictive too, so it’s only a short-term tool.