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5 Hour Energy


Has anyone tried this product?
I've seen it advertised @ my gym.

Comes in a little bottle. Apparently theres tons of vits. & minerals in it. Plus just enough caffiene?

Does the stuff work?
Or just another fad energy gimmick?


I don't know your goals, if you are trying to increase energy or increase fat burning or what. If you really wanna give the stuff a shot, try it out. I personally wouldn't use it because I try to avoid things pumped up with vitamins and minerals as I usually get the appropriate amounts from my normal diet and any excess water soluble vits will just get pissed out and fat soluble vits can lead to toxicity. Also, I'm sure there are other supplements that are more benefitial as an energy/fat burning supplement, which ever your goal is. Easiest thing to do if you want more energy...eat more food.



Have you ever heard of Spike?


Spike is great, I used it for a month and it really helped my work outs tremendously. So much focus during the work out you can feel the muscles working. It was great. I am switching over to HOT-ROX Extreme and hope to have similar effects, from what I read it's much better than Spike.