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5 ft 8 130 lbs 21y/o


I do a ridiculous amount of core work and just wondering if it shows. I dont have weights other than 10-25 pound DB and cables and i have access to a power plate. i do every agilty/balance exercise known to man, and i mainly focus on speed training or elasticity training, but i think ive gotten somewhat of a good physique considering i dont even care about asthetics.

ive been going at it for 8 years before an injury, now ive been at it since december. i eat lots of beans and grains and veggies and bread and pasta yada yada and i have cut out meat copletely. I replaced meat with textureized vegetable protein, which is way cheaper and healthier (3 bucks for about 100 Gs of protein).


not ribs


got my homo friend to take pictures of me lol


screwed this one up


i feel emotionally secure now that i have abs.


You're a skinny kid with abs? Congrats?

Add meat back in, start lifting, come back in 2 years when you have something worth being reviewed instead of looking like someone that's just malnourished.


hey i got some arms






8 years? Thats all you have to show? Everyone has abs if they are lean enough. Dont attribute abs that small to 8 years of core work. And 'vegetable protein is healther'? Please qualify this lol. I call troll


it's a shame you cant give out a 0 rating

this idiot/troll deserves it


Trust me


Skeleton with skin


I recommend you eat more. Get some heavier wts and get stronger. Do all the basic lifts...plus partial movements on occasion. Also, once a week get an extreme pump in every bodypart. Not the same day...break it down into bodypart training.... So , basically I am saying.. train each body part 2 days a week... one day will be basic strength exercises... like squats, bench , rows, deadlifts, (and do partials every other week) the other day would be going for pump with medium wts. So split your body up...mon and tues thurs and friday.


you guys obviously dont know squat about speed training. It took me alot longer to learn how to keep bulky (non-functional muscle) off than it took me to learn how to bodybuild. i learned how to to body building when i was 14 its easy theres absoloutly nothing to it. i learned everything i need to learn to train a professional fighter and heres the results


im 5"10 186 lbs weighed yesterday. Ran a 11.1 100 meter the other week. Not extremely fast. My bulky (non-functional muscle) must've slowed me down alot. Maybe I should be like you and lose 60lbs and then I'll be able to run a 9.5 GUARANTEED!!!! troll


One of the worst trolling jobs I've seen.


This guy thinks he is a pro fighter..LMAO!! I know plenty of guys that look way better than him and they never work out....lol. just low bodyfat.
I normally try to help people out and do not make fun of them.. but this guy is a jerk!


  1. I feel bad should any fighter want to use you as a trainer.
  2. You do realize that the fastest people in the world all carry significantly more muscle than you?
  3. You don't know jack shit about bodybuilding as you have nothing to show for it obviously.
  4. You don't know jack shit about nutrition if it took you 8 years to lean down.
  5. You're still just a skinny kid with abs.


We are rating your physique, (which sucks) not how fast and agile you are.

You suck