5 Foods You Shouldn't Ditch When Dieting?


Saw this today, and it was very interesting, apparently I have been doing it all wrong.


Chocked full of shit to the brim. I need to speak with my lawyer and see if I can sue Yahoo for assaulting me with stupidity.


I need to loose some weight here pretty soon. Better load up on the chocolate, cheese, bread, pasta and potatoes. The pounds will be flying off!

That article seems to be based on the common ridiculousness that dieting must/can be comfortable.

So basically a pure carb diet = weight loss, BRILLIANT

I think I’m gonna become a dietitian…and advise chocolate-covered bacon for weightloss. People will eat that shit up…JUST because it’s a dietitian telling them something.

lol. I didn’t expect that list to be THAT ridiculous. lol.

Not that you can’t diet with those foods, but to say you shouldn’t go without them is insane. I was expecting maybe fruit or granola bars or something… not starches. lol.

… if you regular diet consists of deep-fried-super-salted-sticks-of-butter-wrapped-in-pancakes, then yes, you just might lose weight on that diet =/

Well, maybe that’s a bit hyperbolic, but still =/

April fools!!! Oh wait, it’s December. Is that a joke?

Who’s that dumb…seriously.

[quote]Ghost22 wrote:
Who’s that dumb…seriously.[/quote]

Most People … that’s who

[quote]Ghost22 wrote:
Who’s that dumb…seriously.[/quote]

You’d be surprised…seriously. If this was moved over to the Supps and Nutrition thread, I’m sure some 09ers will tell us thats what they have been doing while cutting…


this is my lil sister’s diet, almost exactly, and she’s under 5ft and 90lbs. :slight_smile:

it must work!!!

I dont see whats wrong with cheese. Could someone enlighten me on the problem with that. (i get the bread, pasta, potatos and chocalate part though)

The problem is people start to think that by eating these things they will lose weight … and then they eat variations and in excess not applying my favorite oxymoron, common sense, into the mix; they begin eating potato chips, snickers bars, pasta bread bowls (because it combines the two … it’s like 2 for the price of coronary) blah blah blah and round and round we go

Until people educate themselves there will always be face-palm fad diets for cows to chew on, so, basically, there will always be face-palm fad diets…

Got that recipe for chocolate covered bacon?

Seriously. . .

[quote]RumRiverCATO wrote:
Got that recipe for chocolate covered bacon?

Seriously. . .[/quote]

Pan-fry bacon.

Dip in chocolate.



I just read chocolate flavored bacon. PM me and I’ll send you my address, you can send me a Christmas present.

Fuck you yahoo. Fuck the wank stain who wrote it. some fat prick is going to believe that and get worse.

The foods for better sex would be better suited for fat loss than their fat loss recommendations: