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5 Exercises That a Fighter Needs


[quote]not trying to be a bubble buster- just speaking form experience

I’ve tried many many many rotational movements in the weight room.
none of them have any carry over to combat sports.
( or any sports)[/quote]
No, that’s fine, glad to hear your experience in the matter. Especially if it saves me from spending months doing something that won’t help me.


One thing people tend to not fully understand or give enough attention to is the importance of prehab work.

For instance, while traditional “Rotation” exercises (like floor wipers for example) may not build strength that directly translates to Combative application, exercises which challenge the muscles at their extreme ends of range of motion can be extremely beneficial in minimizing risk of injury to those muscles (and the joints they surround). Anti-rotational exercises (like Pallof Press, Renegade Rows, etc…) do build rotational stability (which can be a good thing), people seldom get injured while in “strong” positions which these exercises focus solely on. Especially in combat sports like grappling, it’s a complete lack of knowledge or acceptance of reality to think that any exercise is going to allow your body to maintain optimal alignment at all times.


I agree, every fighter will have different needs and skils. When I fought, I felt like lifting weights made me slow and as a result my punching power dropped. However, a sparring partner swore that weight training was superior and he could hit hard and fast. Some guys swore by running 5 miles a day, while others swore by hill sprints. Figure out what your fighting style is and supplement around it.