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5 Down 45 to Go


Way to go USA



I still don't see how this is a good thing. Thuper therious guise.

discuss this response..


New England is the win.


Indeed, 5 down. And, 45 more to go. However, I can't share in the celebration with the majority here, as I see this as a sure sign the country has slid too far to recover. Basically, I see this as the nail in the coffin of the most important institution this nation has. A vastly diluted institution that will have to be made up for with waves of immigrants and social programs (too bad the demographics won't be able to support them). No, I won't be explaining. You folks can figure it out on your own. Well, if you're capable of thinking that far ahead.

Don't bother. Been here, done this argument too many times. So, I'm here and gone on this one. Lock up when you leave.


Thuper therious guise, googled it, got nothing.

Individuals are what they are. One does not have the right to lay judgement on others. This is not a life style of choice but one of predetermined origins.

Gay individuals are as productive in society as any other individual. They work, pay taxes and own businesses that employ others. So why is it they don't have the same rights and freedoms as any other individual.

There is not a single guy that would at anytime decide to be gay. It is not a life choice, they didn't choose to be gay, they are gay because that's the way they were born.


I've never liked this argument. It implies that if they could choose, it would be wrong. As well, it implies that people are their genetics, and that they have no free will.

Seriously. Fuck this argument.

I have nothing against gay people. Really, I don't. But I could care less if they were "born that way" or not. They still CHOOSE to have gay sex. There is NOTHING wrong with that, in my opinion. But it is still a choice. They have free will. Stop pretending like people are doomed to be something at birth.

Poor babies are not doomed to be poor adults.
Rich babies are not guaranteed to be rich adults.
Straight babies are not doomed to be straight.
Gay babies are not doomed to be gay.

The fact that someone out there thinks a minute old baby can be "gay" or "straight" appears fucking ridiculous to me.

The world isn't all nature or nurture. At some point, you have to come to terms with the fact that we have the free will to make choices. Two people with identical genetics and upbringings often make vastly different choices.

We are not our genetics. We are not our environment. We are something more than that, combined with that.

I mean, isn't the very purpose of this site to tell genetics to go fuck themselves?


well they have to have some excuse for their repulsive behavior "we were born that way" seems to have done the trick thus far.


What's your excuse?


The bible?


To my knowledge, gay marriage has lost every time it's been on the ballot, in every state that it's been on the ballot, including some of the bluest of the blue states.

So forgive me for not being excited when governments decide to ignore voters and push through their own agendas.

If voters were in favor of gay marriage, I wouldn't care. But right now, the majority of voters are not, and that's where the issue should end.

And I don't buy the Civil Rights movement analogies. You don't have a Constitutional right to have the government recognize any and all marriages.

Gay marriage should be a straight voting-issue, but it's instead proving to be a litmus for how little the government respects the will of the people.


The deep south didn't want blacks to have any freedoms. Did that give them the right to oppress an entire race.

Even stupid people have the right to vote. That doesn't make the vote just or right. There have been numerous occassions when governments had to decide what was just and right.


Writen by man not God! Edited by religous zealous! I'm not impressed in the least!


What exactly makes their behavior repulsive in the general sense? As in, what makes it repulsive to us all, not just to you?


Boy, didn't see that one coming! :slight_smile:

The gay marriage issue isn't at all like the Civil Rights movement. Completely different circumstances.

Nobody is oppressing gays, nobody is preventing them from life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness. Nobody is denying them their Constitutional rights. Nobody is denying them the right to love and live with whomever they choose.

Gays want the government, and society, by proxy, to accept their lifestyle. Period. That's what this movement is about.

And I'm not going to applaud the government superseding the will of voters on an issue where popular opinion is not violating anybody's Constitutional rights.




Wait, has the thought of a man having sex with another man all of a sudden become tasteful?

my God have I gone mad?


What would I need an excuse for?


Well, if you happen to think about it a lot you are probably gay.

And it is not any more or less tasteful than, let´s say, a blowjob.




I don't find it especially un-tasty.