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5 Doses Into Cycle, Need to Come Off

Hi all,

I have found yesterday that my source for Clomid test E is unavailable anymore.

I am currently on 5th dose 300mg test E, Nd have totally 4500 mg left (1.5 bottle).

However since situation is critical, and I never been in situation like this (since I am not born in UK, I never had good accessibility to source).

Currently don’t know want to do, should I stop taking test E? Should I continue on lower dose 150mg, as I haven’t got access to Clomid and HCG anymore?

Please advise best approach (it is my 2nd Cecile), before 7 years ago I’ve done test prop 3 months age of 24, now I am 31.


Rule of thumb… never start before you have your whole program including PCT. Hard lesson learned. Where are you located?

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Google will help you find peptide companies that sell PCT drugs

Eeek… can’t post that my friend. I was gonna suggest the same though depending on location… just order a research chem. I don’t think we can post actual sources like that to anything though.

They don’t sell anything illegal though. I figured it might slide by. No actual steroids :man_shrugging:

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No go

Nope, no loopholes. The forum’s for discussing how, not where.


Yes sir. I will do better next time. Scouts honor.

Awe snap!! Pee Pee slap!!! LOL

Sometimes you roll the dice and win, and other times casino security escorts you out of the building :joy:

It’s because you’ve got tiny arms, if you had big arms they’d be intimidated and let you stay.

We know it’s true, they know it’s true, yet here we are. One day small arms will be cool :joy:

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Thankas for replying and supporting, sorry if breaking any rules, as you can understand o know beta blockers and HCG importance, however I know importance of all.

@blshaw in Luton Bedfordshire UK

Hmm it might be harder to come by research chems but easier to get real gear then. I think you could find it if you looked hard enough. Find some source friendly boards or try the reseach chem route.

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Thanks mate I’ll try my best, good crew here, first time joined community like this since living in my country (9years ago)

I want to come off from Test E, I have used 11 injections every week 300mg each 3300 total.

Questions is what to take and how much if I want to come off?


500iu HCG EOD for 3 weeks then Nolva 20mg for 4 weeks.

Tell me you have this stuff on hand already and didn’t start your cycle without them?

Edit: just went back and read you don’t have access to these things. Someone suggested finding a site online to buy them

Have access already just want finish 2nd bottle and plan to come off

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Why you suggest him to take hcg to come off the cycle? Hcg is suppressive. It makes no sense to take it.
@tyraxor the best way is to inject propionate next 3 weeeks. And then wait for a few days. Check the T level and then start clomid or tamoxifen restart. Or just wait 3 weeks do a blodwork and start clomid or tamoxifen.

He’s not. Your reading comprehension makes no sense.

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It is only suppressive in a secondary sense, but is quite effective in recovery of primary hypogonadism. Whilst on Test, OP will be completely suppressed in a secondary sense anyway, so why not recover from primary hypogonadism with HCG first, then use the SERM to recover from secondary hypogonadism.

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