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5 Days vs 4 Days

Hey guys I just wanted some input from you about a change wanted to do in my workout…

To start, my stats 30 y/0 6’0 250lbs bf like 15%, been working out for over 10 years…

I always worked out in a 4 day split, 5 times a week, 3 on 1 off 2 on 1 off…


I like this workout a lot, I do low volume 2 excercises (3 at the most for back and pecs) heavy weight, and I can finish workout in 40 minutes and then do some Low intensity cardio…

But I haven’t grow much more last year, and I was thinking in changing split to only 4 days,
specially because I feel that the 3rd day I’m not feeling same energy as the first 2 days, so I wanted to change to a 2 days in 1 off,

Question for people with this routine…should I stay with same split, the only thing with this is that I would be working out same muscle group every 6 days instead of every 4 or 5 days like right now, I do low volume heavy weight style, so I should be working out them more frequent, so maybe will be better to change to a 3 day splt, like push/pull/leg or smthing like that?..

Thanks in advance for replies

You could always do:
Then up the volume a bit and see what happens

Gains in the gym are dictated but what you eat in the kitchen.

Promise; the best routine will provide 0 results without a good diet.

Take it from someone who used to laugh when someone would say it’s 90% diet, 10% training cause I used to bust my ass in the gym and not see the results I expected. Started eating right; easily making huge progress in such a short period of time.

A good diet and switch your routine, but keep the intensity up. What’s heavy? going too heavy too frequently can cause injuries if your not supplementing right.

At 6’0 250 your going to have to do something over the top to get yourself to grown whether that’s an insane workout program or stuffing your face beyond what you can take, and cutting later.