5 Days to Train, Help with Programming

Hey guys was wondering if someone could offer some help. Looking for a way to put on some good muscle size and strength without eating everything in sight to grow. I have 5 days a week to lift but have trouble with programming for myself. Looking to bulk up as swat team is something I want to do in the future and just simply want to be able to hold my own muscle size and strength wise. If anyone has any templates that have worked for them that would be great. Appreciate the help!

Say mon thru fri are training day s i like at least a a day between legs back due to a lot of back is used on leg day. I also due all my pressing on one day per rick hussey big iron gym, produced awsome power team, shawn frankl , becca swanson, etc. I also do low back on leg day. Here it is.
Mon legs, low back , abs
Tues shoulders, chest, triceps
Wed back, rear delts, abs, hammer curls,
Thurs, conditioning day, prowler, sled pulls, jump rope, heavy bag, weighted incline walks,or take a martial arts class bjj or muay thai. Will help on you line of work .
Fri , arms, side and front delts,calves abs.
If need guidance on exercises let me know.
I also had a 4 day a week power/olympic lifting program i did in high school with awesome results, the conditioning day will build muscle.

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First off, I want to let you know that eating is the primary mover along with progressive overload to get stronger and bigger. Honestly, past the beginner stage your gains will be minuscule or even nonexistent without a calorie surplus. You’ll be spinning your wheels. If you’re tight for money, or have a small appetite (this will change overtime) stick to high calorie foods that are cheap. Whole milk, peanut butter, pasta, etc. Eat about 0.8 grams per pound of bodyweight in protein and the rest being lots of carbs and healthy fats.

For training, master the heavy barbell lifts. Squat, deadlift, bench, overhead press, barbell row along with dips and chin-ups. Something like SL 5x5 or Starting Strength with added in chin-ups and dips is great for a beginner.

You could use a day or 2 to do some moderate GPP work such as sled pulling, tire flipping, etc just don’t go too crazy to hinder recovery.

Most of all - focus on eating over your maintenance calories and moving more weight with solid form (after you perfect it) week after week.

Dont even need 5 days, these work great…