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5 days down, a lifetime to go

Well today ends my 5th day on t-dawg v2.0 and so far all is going pretty well considering it is my first time actually trying to eat healthy. I am 16, 5’6" and started about 179 lbs. I am estimating a bf anywhere in between 16-18. After a break in week(not very strict) and 5 days on T-dawgv2.0 I am at 174. I am trying to eat about 2,000 cals(500 below maintence), with that being 225 protein, 80 carbs, and 75 fat. The last couple of days I have been about 60 grams protein less (240 cals short) due to not feeling well and some stress from school, but I am not really worried about that. My goal is try to be 165-170 at around 12% which would equal relatively no muscle loss. I think I may of lost a little bit of muscle this week(it might of been paranoia, though) My workouts have been goin pretty good, i am lifting heavy with a 6x3,5x5,or8x3 and doing the basic lifts. I tryed sumo deadlifts for the first time wensday and set a deadlift personal record and could of done more. I hit 300 and I assume it should rise steadily because I am relatively new to deadlifting. As for cardio I am doing sprinting and IBUR. I had a pretty good sprint session today(4.02 30, 4.9 40-done in non running shoes and pants, lol) but I am not sure of the accuracy of the timer. Well anyways I just wanted to update the progress I will try to update once a week if anyone cares.

We all care. Don’t be like that. You’re doing great, keep it up. And don’t be shy about helping others who need the encouragement to do as well as you.

Andrew, greta work.

Yes keep everyone posted on your progress. It will do nothing but good. It will have the effect of keeping you motivated as well as motivating others to do the same.

As far as losing muscle this week. Remember that you are going to look flat do to the restriction in carbs and less water retention rright after you start a carb restricted diet like T-dawg.

Good work so far, keep the updates coming.