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5 Day Vacation?


Hello Fellow T-Maggers

Ok im off for 5 days to a place that probably wont have a gym, and I want to know how best to keep my hard earned gains? I usally calculate and weigh all my food but I'll doubt I'll be able to do so where Im going.Any recomendation to help me keep as much LBM as possible? I take it alcohol would also be a no,no in terms of wanting to retain muscle?



Overtrain before you leave.

Do body weight workouts on vacation.


It is only 5 days. Do what you want.

Just be sure to get back on track when the vacation is over.

If you get any rest at all over vacation you will probably find yourself stronger when you return.


This info is worth casting a second vote for.

Yep, yep, and yep. Zap with the hat trick!


Have a lot of sex and do a lot of pushups.


You didn't say how long you've been training but based on the question I assume you are relatively new to training, if not I apologize up front. If you've trained less than 6 months to a year you probably don't have a tremendous amount of muscle mass built up yet so body weight exercises should help you maintain. However, most of today's modern hotels have some kind of workout area, so check before writing it off. Also if you belong to a major gym chain like Gold's, 24 HR, Power House, etc. you can check on the web or member services and probably find one not too far away from wherever you are staying?

Regarding nutrition...Try to eat as clean a diet as possible. Stay away from highly processed foods especially fast foods. Try to keep up with your protein requirements of about 1.5 to 2 grams/lb/day. If you keep the alcohol down to maybe a drink or 2 a day, it probably won't do too much harm, but if you can do without it so much the better.

Sometimes a few days off from your regular training can cause you to rebound with a vengeance when you return to your regular training.

Have a good time on vacation,



Come on man. It's a freakin' vacation. Eat clean. Don't drink. Check a website for a gym.

I'm not saying you have to slob out and party like you're on spring break, but do eat,drink and be merry.

Zap hit the nail on the head. The rest will be worth more than anything.


Ug Sasquatch no can read. Missed last paragraph of AssBuster's post, duh. (AB laughs as he writes response)

It all depends on your level of dedication and your goals. What Sasquatch said might work for you too.



I can picture you talking just like that.

I didn't miss your last paragraph--I read the first 3! A throw in line at then end doesn't cancel the message you wrote above it.

It also has nothing to do with your 'level of dedication.' Even world class lifters,athletes,whatever you choose to insert here--take time off from training and enjoy life.


Thanks guys, To those who mentioned it iv'e only been training 9 months.Iv'e taken a week off recently after finishing C.W's QD proggrame.Hence why Im bothered that after only a month back on training another 5 days would cost me :slight_smile:

Will try not to drink at all, shouldent be a problem as I usually only drink 2-3 tinmes a year.Eating/finding clean Food is more the issue.


I had the same question when I went to Thailand. Just intend to eat clean and look around, you'll find gogod (if not perfect) food. I could eat clean in Thailand. I live in Korea, and I just had a trip to Hong Kong (by the way, I'm an American not used to being in Asia), and I can always eat clean if I want... just desires the will to eat clean.

I actually found a gym in Thailand and had a few workouts, and did bodyweight exerciese while I was gone (prepared exercises before I left).

Biggest thing though, is just to enjoy your vacation. If lifting right and eating clean makes vacation better, then do it! If not, don't worry for a week. Even if it takes 2 months to get back to where you are now, you'll get back. Health (at least for me), is a lifelong committment. There are setbacks, but every 6 months, I'm always noticably healthier and stronger.


Eating clean is easy, especialy if you go somewher semi tropical. Everything is garnished with fruit. Just avoid fried crap and eat the garnish. Pineapples, limes, avocados- You can't beat that.

Heck, its a vacation, man. I'm going to Florida this week and haven't even given it a thought. It's a foregone conclusion that I'm going to eat well and goof off in the water and on the beach.

Have fun!