5 Day Split

Hi guys,

I would like to have your opinion on this 5 day split.
Note that when i divided the muscles in separate sections i meant to focus on a specific part of the muscle not to fully isolate it (since this is not always possible/necesary.)

  • Chest + triceps
    o Pectoralis major
    ï?§ Pars clavicularis incline dumbell press
    ï?§ Pars sternocostalis barbell bench press
    ï?§ Pars abdominalis cable crossover

o Triceps
ï?§ Caput longum french press
ï?§ Caput mediale close grip bench press
ï?§ Caput laterale parralel dips

  • Hamstrings + Lower Back
    o Erector spinea romanian deadlift
    o Semitendinosus stiff legged deadlift
    o Semimembranosus -
    o Biceps femoris
    ï?§ Caput longum hyperextensions
    ï?§ Caput breve lying leg curl

  • Schouders
    o Deltoideus smith machine press
    ï?§ Pars clavicularis dumbell front raise
    ï?§ Pars acromiaca Cable lateral raise
    ï?§ Pars spinalis machine reversed flyes
    o Trapezius
    ï?§ Pars descendens dumbell shrug
    ï?§ Pars transversa -
    ï?§ Pars ascendens reversed flyes

  • Quadriceps + Calves
    o Quadriceps femoris
    ï?§ Vastus medialis squat (feet exorotated)
    ï?§ Vastus lateralis lunges
    ï?§ Rectus femoris leg press
    ï?§ Vastus intermedius leg extensions
    o Triceps surrea
    ï?§ Gastrocnemius calve leg press
    ï?§ Soleus seated calve raise

  • Back + biceps
    o Rhomboideus wide grip bend over row
    o Latissimus dorsi
    ï?§ Pars vertebralis close grip bend over row
    ï?§ Pars costalis -
    ï?§ Pars iliaca dumbell row
    ï?§ Pars scapularis wide grip lat pull down
    o Biceps brachii
    ï?§ Caput longum incline dumbell curl
    ï?§ Caput breve preacher curl
    o Brachialis hammer curl

Yep, that certainly is a list of muscles and exercises. What’s the question again?

Aaaaand we’ve hit a new low. Geez.

The fact that you thought it important to list those absurdly-specific muscles but not list the sets and reps for each exercise is, um, a problem.

But for whatever it’s worth, the general split you laid out (chest/tris, hams, shoulders, quads/calves, back/bis) is fine, but your exercise selection sucks for some bodyparts.

What’s your current height, weight, and general fat level?

[quote]dagill2 wrote:
Yep, that certainly is a list of muscles and exercises. What’s the question again?[/quote]

I lol’ed.

This reminds me of an A&P Lab test

If you have to ask others if the routine you made up is okay… You (probably correctly) have no confidence in your own ability to write a good routine yet.