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5 Day Split? Strictly for Growth


How many of you do a 5 day split and what do you do for each day?


I'm doing a 4 day right now, I'm just curious.

thanks :slightly_smiling:


Look into Chad Waterbury's High Frequency Training program

or even better

The I,BB program....it's a 5 day per week, specialization program....focuses on autoregulation, which is key when training that many days per week


Look at this kid's post history before recommending the IBB program. For that matter why would the IBB program even be mentioned in the beginners forum. THe program's author has said numerous times it's for advanced people.


Seriously. Stop fucking around on the internet. Focus on the program you picked a few weeks ago. Theres no way you should be giving any attention to anything else weightlifting relatd. Do something 100% and stop asking questions about things that dont matter right now.


^ Laughed my ass off at the second part of the post. very true!


I actually agree with you man.

And I know you check out what I say quite often. I appreciate you posting this dude.
I'm sticking to a 4 day routine now because I had talked with Jay Cutler recently :slight_smile:


Absolutely worth quoting and reading daily. If possible, make this the desktop image on your computer.

JP, it's not funny anymore.

Seven days ago... seven fucking days ago... you said you were doing Reg Park's 5x5 plan. Now you've changed again?!? You're mind-fucking yourself into non-progress. We've been telling you this, but it just isn't sinking in.

Um, big whoop?

Or, I mean, "Hey JP, what advice did former Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler, who's genetically-gifted and/or has used steroids since a relatively-early age, have to offer that's any more helpful than the advice you've been getting here for the last few months?"


Here is another point to drive home for you JP. You probably are going to have to work at this for YEARS. Let that sink in for a while. Not years of bouncing around from one fad routine or diet to the next. But years of putting your stake in the ground and hammering away consistently for YEARS. You're 16, check back in when you're 18 with your progress.


If I'm honest.

I'm sorry Chris and Bonez.

I don't mean to be an ass. I've took your advice and I'm going to stick to one routine, I'll come back in 3 months with mass, and no more posts on here about any damn training routine.