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5 Day Split, Bigger and Stronger, Some Doubts


First of all, sorry if have some english mistakes, I'm from spain

Now, I tell my problem. I'm triying to make a 5 day split with every muscle f.II. My principal purpouse is to become bigger but I like to gain some strength too
My favourite split I have tried is push-pull-leg, but I dont know how to do it in 5 days.

Some split I have tryed to make is it:
Standing press/push press
Bench press
Decline press 3-4x8-12
Isolation chest 2-3x10-15
Lateral raise 4-5x8-10
Spoon press 4x6-8
Skullcrusher 4x8-10

High pull 5-6x3
Chins up 3-4x10-8-6-6
Row 45° 3-4x8-6-6-5
Krock row 1x..
Curl bar
Pinwheel curl
Face pull

Pm romanian 4x6-8
Leg curl 3x10-12
Front squat/ quad exercise 3x8-10

The doubts: which progression can i use in exercise like squat/bench/standing press.
And the others days what can i do?



I don't really understand. You want to train push/pull/legs spread out over 5 days or you want to train 5 days a week and still stick to a push/pull/legs split?

I'm guessing it's the second one, so you could do something like:
Week 1
Mon - Push
Tues - Pull
Wed - Legs
Thurs - Push
Fri - Pull

Week 2
Mon - Legs
Tues - Push
Wed - Pull
Thurs - Legs
Fri - Push

Week 3
Mon - Pull
Tues - Legs
Wed - Push
Thurs - Pull
Fri - Legs

Anytime you're training a movement pattern twice a week, one session would be heavier/lower rep (3-8) and the other is a bit lighter/moderate rep (8-15).

If your primary goal is size, don't stress too much about what kind of progression you use on these or any exercises. As long as you get more weight or more reps each week, you're fine. Whether your front squat goes from 185x10 to 185x18 or 185x10 to 225x10, you're getting stronger (and hopefully bigger) either way.

Just remember that size only comes from hard training and eating plenty.


Thanks bra, thats I'm going to do.


I'm currently doing a 5-day push/pull/legs/push/pull which I like a lot. Each day is based around a heavy primary lift, with hypertrophy-focused assistance work added after.

Monday - Bench Press
Tuesday - Deadlift
Wednesday OFF
Thursday - Overhead Press
Friday - Power Clean
Saturday - Squat
Sunday OFF

I have it set up like this because of my weekly schedule but you could start OHP on Monday and do it 5 days in a row if you prefer. This version you're only doings legs once / week but that's enough for me, with the deadlifts being mostly lower body as well.