5 Day Powerlifting Split?

I have been working out for a year now and been doing the ‘big three’ for about 6 months. I have decided i want to start powerlifting and was wondering if there are any good 5 day powerlifting programs or wheter all of them are mainly 4 days such as the 5/3/1 Program.
Current Lifts = B-95KG, S-100KG, D-150KG and I Weigh 77KG
Also would there be any benefits to me buying any equipment such as knee sleeves/wraps or wrist wraps? Thank You

Why do you feel the need to train 5 days a week?

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I think that it’s mainly because that’s what i have been doing for the past year so I’m just used to doing that but if 4 days is better that’s what i’ll go for instead also I want to do one heavy day of the main lifts and one light day as well

That’s easy, heavy squat/light deadlift, light squat/heavy deadlift. But there is no reason you can’t bench heavy twice a week, maybe make one day t&g bench or close grip though.

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I was looking at the boring but big as you manage to do each lift twice a week, would you recommend that instead then?

That can work

I wouldn’t bother doing OHP twice a week though, add some more benching instead. Dumbbell, close grip, wide grip, etc.

alright, thank you :+1: