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5 Day Plan to Cut 8-10lbs Before Fight


Hey, I created a thread about asking on advice to tweak my diet to lose weight leading up to the fight. All the information I received in that thread was great, and I ended up losing a lot of excess lbs leaving me 8-10lbs away from my target weight.

Below is the plan that I (after doing tons of research) am going to go forward with, and if anything is lacking/or should be changed please feel free to share some input.

The weigh in's (friday) are 24 hours away from the actual fight (saturday).

5 day plan:

Sunday: 3 Gallons of water, I was also thinking of adding more salt into my food during this period but I heard this is something risky to play with. I am also going to keep my protein levels at 1g per lb of my body, but keep the carbs at 50g only

Monday: Same as Sunday

Tuesday: Same as Sunday

Wednesday: I will now drop my water intake from 3 gallons to 1 gallon, also removing the extra salt completely. I will keep my protein levels same as 1g per lb of my body, and also keep my carbs at 50g

Thursday: I am going to cut out all water intake from my body after 4pm (probably drinking <1 gallon before this cut off), all salt and sodium will be cut out of the diet. Also, I will be taking dandelion root (herbal diuretic) at 4pm.

Also on Thursday, the road trip to our destination starts (13 hour ride) - I will be sleeping through most of it however.

Friday Weigh in day. I will consume half a light protein bar to keep my blood sugar levels intact, and all liquids are still shut off, no salt/sodium. Once we arrive at our destination I should be at weight, if not, I plan on hitting the sauna for a bit before the actual weigh in.

After weigh-ins
Dandelion root is stopped, and eating begins (every 1 hour) a small meal will be consumed filled with complex carbs, I'm thinking of just eating 1/2 sub from subway every 1 hour. In each of my meals I will be adding 12oz of gatorade (electrolytes) mixed with 1 scoop of protein (only 5 scoops max throughout the day).

This eating pattern I plan on going through with it all the way up till' 2 hours before competition.

Now, is there anything I should change up? or something I should remove? all input is greatly appreciated!


I'd ditch the Gatorade for Pedialyte and more water after weigh ins, but otherwise you should be okay. I wouldn't worry about messing with adding/cutting sodium too much if you haven't done it before. 8 pounds isn't a bad cut. And I personally wouldn't want to eat too much immediately before a fight, but that's just me. If you can do it and feel okay, there's no problem there.

Eight pounds is a gallon of water. Get some good food and a gallon of liquid (I usually do 32 oz. Pedialyte and 96 oz. water) in you before you go to bed Friday night, and Saturday eat/drink whatever you need for maximum performance that evening. You'll be fine. Good luck.


Hey thanks, this'll prove handy before my next Judo comp.