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#5 Bodyweight Assistance and Prowler Work


When following the body weight assistance on page 52 in 5/3/1 2nd edition

Mon: Press
Tues: Deadlift

Thurs: Bench
Fri: Squat

Where would do prowler pushes and rope pulls?


personally, ive been using prowler push/sled pull/sled push+rope pull combinations at the end of upper body workouts. they have helped me tremendously to recover from squats or deads from the day before.


This is how I would program that specific program today:

After each training day, use this simple “formula” for the assistance work:

Push - dips or push-ups x 100-200 total reps
Pull - chins/fat man’s x 100-150 total reps
Single Leg/Core - KB work, single leg work, GHR, back raises x 100+ reps (reps would largely be changed depending on the exercise you choose for this one)

If you do rope pulls, it would be in place of the “pull” - the sled work would be in place of the “single leg/core” work.