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"5 Biggest Fat Loss Mistakes", Phase One?

I’m 69 and retired. I have been lifting for several years did some Powerlifting in the 90’s. I’ve never been good at my diet and my weight has gotten up to 195 at 5’4”. I was able to loose 10lb with body weight exercises and steady cardio (walking and elliptical). Everything says that I should lose a pound a week at 1600 calories. But I’ve found that 1200 works better for me. I log my food on MyFitnessPal. I measure everything. Now that the gyms have opened up I’ve been able to start lifting again. I’ve changed my routine from 4 days 5/3/1 to 3 days total body. My marcos is carbs 140 protein 140 and fat is 53. I’ve changed my cardio to pushing the sled 2 tice a week 8 times at 40 yards. My problem is I’ve seemed to stall at losing weight. I’ve tried upping my calories to 1600. In case I wasn’t getting enough calories and my body had shut down and still staying at 185. I’m not tired and have plenty of energy to do my work out on 1200 calories. So I think I’m getting enough calories. I read your article on The Five Biggest Fat Loss Mistakes. It made a lot of sense to me. My question would you recommend that I start with phase one or somewhere else?

How long should each Phase last?