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5 Big Bad Articles

In this week’s T-Nation:

Broadcast Blues
by TC

Schnookie-pookie! Schnookie-pookie! (Take that, FCC.)

Suicide by Squat
by Ian King

This is the last quad workout you’ll ever need. Why? Because this one will kill you!

The Black Sheep of Bodybuilding
by Ron Harris

Formerly insane pro Mike Quinn dishes the dirt on pro-bodybuilding and calls for a Mr. Olympia boycott.

Dirty Tricks for Higher Vertical Jumps
by Joe DeFranco

5 sneaky ways to add inches to your vert!

High Performance Nutrition Made Easy
by Clay Hyght, DC, CSCS

A great refresher course in modern bodybuilding nutrition. Print this one out for newbies and keep a copy for yourself to use as a quick reference.

News and Reader Mail

Milos in hot water, panty liners for men, diet doughnuts and, as always, your feedback and wacky e-mails.

MAG-10 Almost Gone

Not many bottles left. Tick-tock, tick-tock…

Reading TC’s column, I came to a frightening realization - my political views are almost exactly in line with his. I agree with what he said about kids and TV - as parents, we should have more influence over our kids than the media.

All those self-righteous blow hards in Washington need to go out and get themselves some good schnookie-pookie.

Reading the article by Clay Hyght had me thinking, “Wow, cliff note versions of John Berardi Articles”.

Great issue guys

Ian King, man what a leg work out that sounds like fun.
But some one help me out so I can go do this work out on tuesday. What is the rep scheme for this is it just one set for each exercise at what ever level you deam yourself or did I read it wrong?

Well either way I can’t wait my legs are going to be crying for days and I like that.

Broadcast Blues---- cutting edge political
observation wrapped in pee-your-pants
humor. You are an artist!

Suicide by Squat:
1- if squats are building my quads, what would I use to develop my hamstings and glutes?
2 - Squats or substitute leg press.
Yes, that’s what I do too. leg press and squat are pretty much the same thing: that’s why my 900 lb leg press (4x6) equates to a 320 lb 1RM squat AND why whether I leg press or not, it doesn’t affect my squat strength.
What am I missing here?
do any other Westsiders wonder what Ian is talking about?

I like ians ideas on mantaining body balance and stuff…but leg press…please…

The leg press is for those than can’t squat due to injury. Ian explained this in detail in his injury articles. I’m sure he prefers the squat if the person can squat.