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5 Battle-Tested Strategies Questions


Awesome article again.

one question.
with regards to the german volume session split.
You say pick one exercise for each body part and do 10x10 for the temporary overtraning period.
How many days per week would that be ??


Which article are you referring to? The ones posted recently on site or one specifically on German Volume Training? 3 to 4 days should be possible for GVT.

I've done a program based on GVT, 3 supersets, 3 day splits (push/pull, legs, arms), Moving from A1/A2 to B1/B2 when weight drops below 80% or reps drop below 8 (10 rep sets), likewise for B1/B2 to C1/C2. 4 days a week was not an issue. It depends a lot on how you respond to volume as well.