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5 Ass Whoopin' New Articles!

In this week’s T-Nation:

Atomic Dog: 10 Secrets for Living Well
by TC

Anabolic Street: An Interview with Chris Street
by Chris Shugart

Pendulum Bodybuilding
by Christian Thibaudeau

Two Fisted T-Man: An interview with MMA Legend, Bas Rutten
by Mark Ginther

Cy-BORG: Intelligent Drug and Supplement Info
by Cy Wilson

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One of the best Atomic Dogs I’ve read!

This is fantastic! I’m adding this line to my “Cool Sayings” list.


i don’t know what you other guys think, but that has got to be one of the best a-dogs ever. “don’t let your testicles go the way of the appendix”. good stuff.

One of the best issues I have read so far. Excellent work!

I personally liked the following quote:

Knowledge is cool. It?s like a cosmic lock-picking kit.

It’s true. Lately (or at least when the technology was still a booming job market) I’ve seen lots of “get-it-quick” tech schools talk about why waste your time on a four-year degree when you can learn all the practical skills in two. To an extent, it’s true. But there is also value in taking the “impractical” courses like English, philosophy, history, etc. It’s the lock-picking thing - these courses fill your mind with different ideas. The net result, one hopes, is that all of this combined knowledge, whether it’s “useless” or practical, will teach a person how to think critically. Critical thinking is a skill sorely lacking these days.

What a solid issue.

An inspiring article by TC. Great interviews with Bas Rutten and Chris Street (looking forward to part II). A CT article, always appreciated. Cyborg was very interesting espec. the bit about the vet trainer who says Arnold did never more than 6 reps in his training but told everyone the opposite to throw the competition.