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5 and Dime Percentages

Hey everyone. I have been considering running the 5 and dime template but had a question on the way it is written. In the forever book one exercise is a 5x5 and the other is a three sets (70,80,90 for example) My question is the three sets suppose to be a percentage or is that the weight to be used? For example 5x70 is that 70lbs or 70%

Jim has never had a specific weight in his programs

Always percentages


Those are percentages. Do keep in mind that five and dime uses an 80% TM, if you want to run it.

Ok I thought it was a bit strange because for the 5x5 he has the percent symbol next to the number but the three sets just have a number and no percent symbol. I thought it was odd for such light weights but also thought it could have been a regulation thing. Like hit the squat heavy then a light bench.

If you could only bench 40lbs though, that would be an incredibly heavy bench

Right. I was kinda thinking the other way around. I know my weight is pretty light weight compared to many on here so those numbers would be extremely light for someone who is benching 225 or more.

This is why I like Occam’s razor

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