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5/8" Needle for SubQ in Quads?

Hi there,

I have been having non-stop issues with testosterone Cypionate injected Sub Q in my stomach. 9/10 times i get a red patch of a few inches that can get really itchy. The Doc suggested it maybe an allergy and proposed trying a sub q injection in the quad to see if the reaction occurs there. He told me i could do either IM or Sub Q, continuing to inject with the regular insulin sized needle. The pharmacist has told me that this is stupid and I should go for a proper IM needle (of an inch at least).

Has anyone injected their quad with a sub Q needle? Or would it just be better to go and do a proper IM injection (which i would rather not do, having read that test levels are more stable with sub Q)


I only do IM injections. I rotate my glutes and quads. For quads I use a 25ga 5/8"-1" needle size depending on what I have at the moment. Glutes I use a 23g 1.5" needle.

I go IM into the delts and quads with 1/2" needle.

I use 28-30g 1/2 inch needle 1CC insulin syringes and inject in the delts. I’ve found it (delts) not only the easiest way to do TRT but you really can’t screw up. 5/8 would be fine too.

Middle of the purple

Hmm thanks for this! So i guess to make sure it goes into the muscle and not the fat, you would not pinch the skin and just go directly in? Also is there more of a need to aspirate when doing it in the quads/delts, as opposed to abdomen where I know there is much less of a risk (Or so O am told)

@dextermorgan so if flexing the delt it would be exactly in the middle of the lateral delt?

No need to flex. With your arm at your side you can feel a bone at the top of the delt. Shoot 2-3 inches below the bone but really you can shoot anywhere in that area and be fine.

There’s not enough fat there for sub-q. Anywhere you inject you’ll be doing IM.

I find it difficult to aspirate prior to injecting on dominant side (injecting on right arm); do you aspirate every time you inject or not bother?

I don’t bother aspirating.