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5/8 for Glutes a Problem?


I searched and wasn't able to find a conclusive answer...

I'm fairly lean (prob. less than 9%). I am basing this on the striation I have in the delts, overall vascularity etc...

They only had 5/8" 25g at the drugstore, and I do ED injections.

I was wondering if it might be a problem for glutes.

Otherwise I guess I'll try to use the VG site

right now I cycle
quads L R
glutes L R
delts L R

I use .5cc

thanks! This morning I think I didn't go deep enough and some of the oil seeped to the surface.


Caveat emptor: Shallow injections can give some of the most intense post injection pain ever.

However, if you are pretty lean (matters more where you actually carry your fat, honestly), then you could get away with it. I happen to carry fat right exactly at the injection area, and so I use a 1.25" (then again, I use a 1.25" for every oil injection because it just simplifies things).

Then again, if you've not yet used the VG site. Well...that's just silly.


Oil seeping to the surface is very common and it happens most times anything an inch or less is used.

This is not a problem and doesnt reduce the effects in any way.

To avoid this you would z-track the injection, where you pull the skin over before you stick the needle in, so it covers the 'hole' when you take the needle in and let go of the skin (think falling through the ice on a pond and the ice sliding over the hole preventing you staying alive...)



eheh, got it.

As I am having little to no pain/soreness afterward... and got a squat-built buttock, I guess I can get away with 5/8 then! :wink:

We'll I'm about as lean as in the avatar, if not more so you all can judge...





No one can say something like that is right or wrong. If it works for you, it's fine. It's certainly not dangerous. .5cc, depending on the compound shouldn't hurt much even if you shot it sub-q.