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5' 8' - 160 lbs(ish): first time cutting


Diet: Lo carb, high fat, high protein

Training: serious for 1.5 years

Bench: 265
Squat: 340
Deads: 400
OHP: 165

*First time cutting/ having some knowledge on how to lose weight without tremendous muscle loss....






good god...eat something


Going to try to be nice here, because you did post the required photos, and you did actually get really really lean, which is impressive in and of itself. So, good job on the cut. However: I don't even believe you're 160 pounds at 5'8. You need a lot more size so that you look 'jacked' instead of 'skinny.' You're not really at a level where we can say 'work on this,' as nothing looks 'neglected,' you just need a lot more size all over.

I would spend a good chunk of time eating a lot more, aim for 40+ pounds gained while killing it at the gym, getting those weights up and working every body part. Then next time you get lean you'll look a lot more impressive. And hey, you already know how to get lean, and if you have a bunch more muscle on you it should actually be easier, since your metabolism will be higher.

Other than that, if you want any specific information you'll have to post your diet/training information.


Don't let the rib cage scar you, I have never carried weight there. Even when I was 240lbs (probably 20-22% BF) you could see my ribs. I have a weird skeletal structure. large rib cage, wide pelvic girdle, very short legs, and my arms are pretty long for my height.


Which way to you believe I am on the topic of weight? Below or above? Gonna assume you think im below....Ja?


Nvm, I feel dumb even asking that question after rereading your post. ill start slowly adding the carbs..... cue jaws theme music....


You were 240 pounds? Well, that makes the cut a lot more impressive, good job.

However, do you happen to have a pic of you then? Because I'm thinking there is NO way you were only 20-22% BF... if so you must've lost a TON of muscle in the cut. 5'8 240 pounds with 20% bodyfat would be a very impressive physique.


Nice to see a good set of legs for once. Good luck on your journey.


Thanks mang. never really thought of them as anything to special.


Hmm probably not, At that weight I wasn't too excited about picture with clothes on, and I definitely wouldn't have put up any on a forum rates your physique. now that you say it your probably right it that I was higher BF.

the thing is I lost weight over a 4 year period. It wasn't until this this last summer I used carb cycling to loss the weight. Previous attempts included avoiding fats and eating those "healthy" grains, Big disaster! I wish I had known how to lose the weight properly when I first started. I would agree I lost alot of muscle from the initial dieting attempts.


I think saying that you are merely skinny would be a little on the harsh side. You are aesthetically pleasing. Everything is in proportion so you just need to put on more size now. (But you already knew that.)


thanks! I never really thought I was skinny, but yea i need size, I just want to do it slow.

I think its also useful to point out im not a bodybuilder, or do bodybuilding training really. I guess I would describe my training as general compound movements with some finishing iso work at the end just satisfy the teenager in me.


3 seems harsh.

Was expecting less when I clicked in this thread.

But was a pleasent suprise.

Good overall physique - I gave you 5.


Thanks man, I appreciate the compliment.


I think everyone is being a little harsh! You have good muscle development, but are still on the small side. I think the biggest factor is that you seem to have little lat development. Big lats would make your back wider and make your whole physique more impressive. Your legs are impressive- you are the opposite of the usual lifter who focuses on upper body and forgets the legs! Your chest, particularly the upper chest, needs work also. Good luck!


Yes, Ive been adding chin variations here and there, but back width has never seem to come naturally to me, although I don't really pin point it too much.

Thanks for the advice
and compliments!



So after thinking about it, I realized the need to put on some muscle and up the calories (carbs specifically). Also, as mentioned before, I did not do traditional bodybuilding routines and/or exercises. Since then I have adapted my training to more towards bodybuilding to try and put on size and balance things out.

Since up the calories I have gained 4 lbs from my original body weight (Weight taken after a cheat meal, so at the end of the day i weigh 164lbs). This is probably mostly water weight, but I do see small improvements already.I plan to continue trying to put on weight and balancing out my body til early summer and then leaning up a bit.


These were taken today. Like I said I am trying to balance out and one of the critiques mentioned was lat width. The improvements have been small and i am still increasing calories slowly (15-20 carbs PWO each time). Obviously overall size gain is also a priority...