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5' 6.5


Here's the before pic


And here's the after pic..


holy shit bro nice job there. my suggestion would be to drink lots of water. combined with a good exersize routine, the proper supplementation can help you carve out a six pack similar to that of brad pitt. make sure to take creatine whilst bodybuilding so you can have more effort and energy in your workouts. burn that fat off tubby!


Good job. Was it a low carb diet?


Good job man , keep it up


Well you did a good job in the fat loss departement. But you still lack muscle mass mate. Forget about your abs for now man, I think it's time for a clean bulk or as I like to do, a carb cycling method. It works well to minimize fat gain while gaining muscle mass, at least in my humble experience that was the end result.

Well done, just don't get obsessed over the 'abz' thing.



Thanks SirFlexALot and fighterkhan for your positive feedback..
Bicep_craze, as you seem to suggest I will look into the carb cycling method..I did hear about from a mate from the gym long time back. I believe its the HIGH on weak body part day and LOW on strong body part and medium for the rest, right?


Its quite simple. High carb day on training day. I am 205 lbs at the moment. So I take something like 350G of carbs on training day. about 150-200G the day after and about 100 to 150G the day again after (non training day). Experiment. Adjust your carb intake according to how your recovery in between workout feels vis a vis your fat gain. It does take some time to hit a kind of calorie sweet spot tough. I'm still experimenting myself lol.



ahh ok..
So I guess since the scales say 181lbs for me..it would be something like 300gms on training day, 200 the next and 100 the day after....and repeat.



well..yes..kinda..the carbs were always kept to the bare minimum..mostly protein..like Ronnie Coleman says "Good 'Ol chicken again" well..and again and again...5-6 times a day..lol

I wish they sold that Eggology stuff here in UK so that I would have to worry about the yolks in regular eggs...


Here's the link big fella. And 'grats on the weight loss, and I agree with everyone. Build on everything else first before you worry about abs.



Oh thanks alot B.I.U Ninja...looks like I've got some homework tonight...lol..


core looks really strong


Thank u sir..i think its the clean and press and the squats that have made that possible..