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5:35 Mile w/ Rucksack


Reading through the "intresting facts" thread got me looking at the Guinness book of world records. Craziest T record so far: Guy running a 5:35 mile with a 40lb rucksack


google paddy doyle. the mans a nutter. I think thats his record.


That's an achievement. Apparently riding a bike with a heavy rucksack on is a good 'character'building exercise too.


Did it give any details as to what unit he was with? That's a barn burning speed with a light ruck.


yep. its paddy. Ex para and a few other regiments.


his page of records.


This guy's a joke. Our very own Xen Nova doubles his world record for burpees in 15 minutes.

Lying on the internet is pathetic.


I'm pretty sure that if you took any top runner from 800-5000 they would go sub-5. The WR for 5k is averages to like 4:04's for 3.1m.


prove he'a a joke, prove he's lying and prove Xen Nova doubles his world record as the exercise was performed.
sweeping statements are only useful for comedy effect.


This I would also like to see.

Not to take away anything from Xen Nova, but 470 burpees in 15 minutes .. I haven't ever seen anyone do even close to that.


Sarcasm doesn't work on the internet.

Paddy Doyle is no joke, and isn't the liar in question.

I called the user in question out about a list of bogus feats, and your link to Doyle's achievements solidified my belief.


Sacrasm works brilliantly.
Who is the user in question?


I quoted this post of Xen Nova's in another post:
"I'm 19, 175-180lbs (might be less, quite a bit of stress recently, horrible sleep and eating habits).

-Bench: 315# for a shitty 1rm
-Bench Reps: 185# 27 reps (still had a few in the tank...I think I can get 35-40 I'll try again next week)
-Squat: 545#
-Deadlift: 495# (think I can pull more if I pull sumo)
-W. Chin Up: BW + attached 170#
-Pullups: 33 in a row (left maybe 2 in the tank)...No Kip.
-Power Snatch + OHS: 185#
-Power Clean: 255#
-Burpees in 15min: 832
In high school ran a 4.6, and I never weight trained, of course I weighed something around 130 with a backpack on."

I noted that his burpee claim for 15 minutes was bullshit, and your post of Doyle's records shows that the liar claims to have double the world record.
What else is a lie?

Rather sad and pathetic.


No youve quoted that info your comments make sense. Prior to that they were a little cloudy.
The claims above are indeed total bullshit.