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5/3/2 3rd cycle


Hi, when 2011 started started i told myself enough running in circles trying to put mass only to try to loose fat a few months after so i kept doing starting strength for a few months to get better numbers to start the 5/3/2

My weight went from 185 to 210,got bigger and a tad fatter but i felt great until i kinda realize i was getting a somewhat noticeable gut.

Now here is my problem,my lift have gone up,nothing amazing but better

squat with olympic dept: 2x325
front squat 1x315
deadlift 1x515
bench 4x250
press 8x140

When i was eating more I felt more energetic but got fatter, now ive cut on the carbs but im pretty much always tired.

Oh and i have chicken legs but im too tired to do something about cause of the lower calory intake!

Anyone can relate?


What is this 5/3/2 you speak of? There's a pretty popular program out there called 5/3/1, I wonder if they're similar?

So basically this is what happened: You started lifting and eating more, realized you were losing your abs and got flustered by it. You've cut out carbs big time and you're wondering why your gains have stalled?

And I'm going to have to see either a picture of these "chicken legs" or videos of your lifts, not that they are overly unbelievable, I'm just a skeptic.


ah shiat,i meant the 5/3/1 >(

And no, i didnt have abs when i started and my gains havent staled its just that,ive always been pretty preoccupied by my weight.

as for picture..will see about that.