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I'm just one week shy of completing my first four-week cycle of 5/3/1 and I noticed that I was feeling unusually shitty during my lifts so I went to get it checked out at the health center. They diagnosed me with "mono" and strep throat. The strep throat is nothing, but the doctor said that I shouldn't do any heavy-lifting of strenuous athletic activity for six weeks or I run the risk of enlarging and rupturing my spleen. Is there anything I can do or should I just quit my griping and rest up for the six weeks?



This is a no brainer even for me … follow the doctors advice and rest up for 6 weeks there’s plenty of time for lifting.


Contact sports are the bigger risk for rupturing your spleen, not just strenuous activity. I trained through mono earlier this year with no ill affects. I did however take a break from kickboxing lol.


If this was a mechanic telling you not to accelerate your car too heavily until they replaced the crank shaft or the car is fucked big time… What would you do?