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I am a speed-power athlete and would like to fit the 5/3/1 system into my training.

Training Setup:
Mon: Speed/Throws
Tue: Wts: Cleans/Bp/Sq
Wed: Recovery work (Strides)
Thur: Speed/Throws
Fri: Wts: Cleans/Bp/Sq
Sat: Recovery work (bb circuits)

Would I follow the 5/3/1 method twice a week?



Does that mean on Tuesday & Friday you plan on doing cleans, bench press and squats all in the same work-out using 5/3/1?

Before I comment on anything else, I want to clarify that.


Well that's kinda my question, I will not use 531 with the cleans. The cleans will be done at 4-6 sets x 2-3 reps x 70-90%.

For example:

cleans 6x2x80%
bp 5/3/1
squats 5/3/1

cleans 4x3x70%
bp 3x5 submax wt or db floor press 3x8-10
squats 3x5 submax wt or 4x4x70-75% etc

One day 531 and another submax session.


I see ...

If you want to do 5/3/1, I think you're going to need to purchase the book and read it (or get a proper explanation about what it is). It focuses on 4 major lifts. Those being overhead press, deadlift, bench press and squat. In a single workout you do one of those exercises using the 5/3/1 rep scheme. Then the rest of the workout would be accessory work. By only doing bench press and squat, both of which using the 5/3/1 scheme in the same day, you're going to run into problems.

An option is to do 5/3/1 as intended in the book, but only do two of the workouts per week. So week one do press on Tuesday & deadlift on Friday. Week two do bench press on Tuesday & squat of Friday. That way you can still do the accessory work and build the movements/muscles that are lacking. Jim Wendler even mentions doing it twice a week in the book. Your lifts may not increase as quickly this way, however it will still work.

I don't recommend doing only bench press and squat in your workout. To get stronger overall, you're going to need a lot more balanced workout plan.


Thanks for your help but I disagree.


There is a reason that Jim Wendler designed the program the way he did. But do whatever you want, I'm sure you know better anyways.


Jim is a powerlifter, I'm a speed-power athlete who must run very fast.


Just quietly, Military / Push Press would be far better for an athlete than Bench Press.


What you propose would not comply with the 5/3/1 protocol. % based programming has been around for many years and could be used in the program you suggest, but it would not be 5/3/1.


I agree with the buy the book portion, but what I would say is that even 531 is more diverse then what you laid out here. Cleans/bp/sq for both workouts? one of those days should be box jump/deadlift/push press or strict press. Oh and you might work some power snatches of varying grips in as well.