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I am a speed-power athlete and would like to fit the 5/3/1 system into my training.

Training Setup:
Mon: Speed/Throws
Tue: Wts: Cleans/Bp/Sq
Wed: Recovery work (Strides)
Thur: Speed/Throws
Fri: Wts: Cleans/Bp/Sq
Sat: Recovery work (bb circuits)

Would I follow the 5/3/1 method twice a week?




Thanks for your help Malaka, as a speed-power athlete I prefer not to perform deadlifts because they tax the CNS too much esp when performing speed work, throws, and jumps. This is the reason why I kept the lifts pc-sq-bp - I thought those 3 lifts would give me the biggest bang for my buck.


I really don't believe so especially if you keep your training max light, but if you feel that way the second day should be light or speed squats. But I definitely would keep the MP, some believe it has a greater carryover to athletics than the BP.


I haven't done any overhead lifts in 10years, I'm very caution about performing heavy lifts overhead because the reward 2 risk is too low.


Just practise good form, and risk of overhead lifting shouldn't be a problem.
Personally I would add in some overhead pressing and some deadlifting.