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5/3/1 Workout Critique


I would like to take this chance to formally introduce myself to the powerlifting forum of T-Nation. I'm 21 years old , been lifting since I got to college , where I've gone from 170 to 235-240 lbs at 5'9. I've been focusing primarily on strength for the past 6-7 months , and have run a pure version of 5/3/1 for those months. However, I have recently stalled. I would just like some opinions of what the strong people on this forum have and would work. Thank you in advance for any useful input.
I currently lift raw.
Monday: - 90% - 390
Bench Press (competition grip) - regular 3 x 5 or w/e week
Manpon Press ( closer grip) - 8 sets of 3 reps, focusing on speed (55-60%)
Dumbell Rows - 3 sets of 20 reps
rack pulls - 3 sets of 10-15
Dead stop extensions - 4-5 sets of 10-15

Wednesday - 90% - 530
Deadlift ( conventional )- regular
Deadlift ( conventional) - 8 sets of 3 (55-60%)
Good mornings - 5 sets 10-20
GHR - 5 sets of 10-20

Thurs - Push press 90% - 245
Push press - regular
Weighted Dips - 5 sets of 10-20
Standing rope rows to the face - 5 sets of 20
Close grip bench press 5 sets of 10-20

Saturday - squat 90% max 460
Squat ( wide stance) - regular
Box Squat ( wider stance, 1-2 inches below parallel) - 8 sets of 3 (55-60%)
Stiff legged Deadlifts - 5 sets 10-20
Abs - 5 sets 10-20


im not sure what we are supposed to be critiquing. is this a workout you are preposing, is this something that you have done? if this is your "pure form" 531, id ask why you have speed work in there, as Wendler has gone so far as to say something along the lines of "speed work is great if you dont want to be strong" the man has been right about everything i have asked him about training, and even life in general, so if he says this, id drop the speed work.

other than that, theres a huge 5/3/1 thread, in fact its now on its 3rd thread...what makes you such a beautiful and unique snowflake that you need a new thread for your question?

hint- figure out what youre trying to ask, because as i said, its not exactly clear, and then post it in the 5/3/1 thread, if its a 5/3/1 question, which i cant even tell if it is.

if you want to stick with 5/3/1 and you have stalled on one or more lifts, simple and easy answer is to drop your training maxes down a bit, and work your way back up- that has always been the answer with 5/3/1, straight from the man himself, and it works.


That, and/or make various adjustments to your assistance work to bring up weak points or adjust your volume if that may be affecting you. In any case, it seems that even extremely strong people are able to keep getting gains from 5/3/1 with just resetting and assistance adjustment every so often... and no speed work.


Jim Wendler has said that speed work is fine for those who don't want to get strong.


Are you asking us what we think about the program you have listed or is that the program you have been following? What does "regular" mean in the template? Is that the 5/3/1 main work sets?

If you are doing the 5/3/1 work sets followed by all that speed work and assitance work, then it's a poorly put together program. Either do the 5/3/1 program as it is written (which is not what you have outlined) or switch to a Westside template if you want put in all that speed work. You also shouldn't be doing rack pulls on your bench day if you also have separate SQ and DL days in your template. If you don't want to continue doing 5/3/1 I would suggest one of the following templates:
ME SQ/DL, ME bench, DE SQ/DL, DE SQ/DL (basic Westside template)
Heavy SQ/DL, Heavy BP, SQ/DL assistance, BP assistance (you would have to choose the exercises carefully and also use some sort of logical progression scheme for your heavy work)