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5/3/1 Without Squat Rack

Cool, I’ll check it out. 5/3/1 was always my favourite. Bought all the books, but I’ve been out of the game for about a year now. Not fully, but nowhere near to my former training.

I just recorded my walk back from the gym. Its 2.7km x 2, there and back. I’m probably going to start running back and doing some hill sprints on the in between days.

As for my template, I’ve just done the first session. Supersetted DB Rows and Squats with the main sets and BBB and then walked home. It got me in and out fairly quickly, which is perfect for my current situation.

That’s great, well done with the session back.

BBB is loved by many but I’ve never had success with it, funny enough always have success with the template after BBB :grin:. I think that’s why the modern anchor/leader system works so well.

I think FSL is what always brings me back to 531. I know how to change the volume, frequency or intensity to keep me moving. Rather than changing everything and shooting in the dark.

Enjoy the training, I’m sure you won’t be considering a weight vest for that walk.

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Mr. Wendler, just to clarify, those are Goblet squats, correct? Thank you

Also, I hope to hear you on more podcasts with Dave Tate on EliteFTS

If you’re wanting to fit cleans in, I’ve often used them as my DL warm up. Works out perfectly for me. I personally wouldn’t do that and then do BBB for DL, I would use fsl 3x5 or maybe 5x5 (or sometimes I’ve done 5x5 on week 1, 4x5 wk 2, 3x5 wk 3). It’s good to add in the cleans if you can and want to do them, you just usually need to pull something out when you add something in.

We’re agreed there. I’ve started and done two training days already, using BBB. Deadlift day was today and I haven’t deadlifted in a while. My lungs were screaming. All good though, I’ve started very light. I just did lat pull downs (because I’m a bit fat at the moment) and inclined DB Press as assistance. Ran 2.5km back from the gym and sat in my sweaty clothes and started work again.

I want to get Cleans in somewhere, but this will be a few cycles on from now.

Back into it and enjoying it!

Update: I intended to train 3 days a week, but iv3 gotten to the end of the first week and I’ve only managed to fit in two workouts. I need more flexibility, so the two day option actually makes sense.

I’ve been running hills all week though, as this is one of the most accessible things to me and isnt a problem.

For the sake of getting what I need to be done and being able to see through all of the cycles, I was thinking of looking at a two day plan such as this.

Day 1
Bench 5/3/1
Power Cleans 5/3/1
DB Squats
DB Rows
DB Bench

Day 2
Deadlift 5/3/1
Press 5/3/1
DB Squats
Lat Pulldowns
DB Incline Press

I’ll superset the assistance to make it more time efficient and train on whatever two days I can make it to the gym.

I’ve trained twice a week quite often and it can definitely work. Jim’s got versions with BBB as supplemental, sometimes this is just one lift of the day. And I’ve also done a version when I’ve got extra kit at home, such as chin up bar, Kettlebell etc. You can even swop your dB bench and press to up the frequency on those movements.

Lots of options that have all been proven. Picking one and sticking to it may be hardest part. What’s your thoughts on the supplemental i.e BBB, 5*5 FSL, wm etc

I’m thinking, if I do two main lifts in each session, I’ll do Widowmakers @ FSL, 5x5 FSL or even 5x5/3/1 for each lift.

I like the idea of progressing all of the lifts each week.

Training two days means I can stick to it for the forseeable future. I’ve had to do some testing around my schedule and two days is something I’ll be able to stick to. If I find myself with an extra day, I can do some kettlebell work.

Oh man, why did I forget about the Limited Time template in Forever.

If I choose to do Squats they’ll just have to be Front Squats.

I can stick to this, it was designed for my needs.

I’ve forgotten so much stuff!

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:joy: that’s what I was thinking about. I just edited a long response once you mentioned limited time. Just build your way up in volume, including the sprints and it’ll work great. Trap bar and power cleans also work as a combo, at least for me.

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